“All About The Wordplay”

Isn’t that how the Jason Mraz song goes?  Feeling a little playful, I started thinking.  Isn’t it interesting how one word, either misused or misspelled, can change the whole dynamic of a sentence?  Think about it.  Isn’t that why Their, there and they’re drive most of us so crazy?  Or why to, too and two can be so frustrating?

So I decided to have a little fun interchanging right and write.  Afterall, isn’t writing the passion that guides many of us here in the first place?  Let’s see how some of these common sentences or phrases change when we interchange the words.

“You’ve got the write stuff”- New Kids On The Block  song (for those of you who don’t know)

Doing the write thing

Finding the write words to say

Write about now

You get what I’m saying.  Oddly enough, changing out the words sometimes not only changed the meaning of the phrase or sentence, but became a little inspirational to the writer in me.  Maybe that’s why I chose that particular word!

What about you?  Any phrases come to your mind that you’d care to share?

And if you were looking for a serious post from me tonight, you’re probably sorely disappointed!  😉  Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!


8 thoughts on ““All About The Wordplay”

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Me, too! And the fact that he has a spectacular voice is icing on the cake. “I’m Yours” is definitely one of his best. My personal preference is “Lucky”. I love the way he and Colbie Callait wrap their words around each other, their vocal nuances almost flirting with each other.


  1. Mae Clair says:

    Very clever post, Kitt! Several years ago my boss asked me to review something his teenaged son was creating for school. I can’t remember exactly what it was . . . some kind of a poster for a class. It had something to do with and ogre and food (yes, I know it sounds strange but it was clever). His son had used the word ogres when he really wanted ogre’s. So I took his sentence and explained the difference between each use which made some of the sentences comical (ogres, ogre’s ogres’). My boss told me that he, his wife and his son spent the whole time laughing over dinner as they read the various meanings. It’s amazing how much a single letter or word can change a sentence!


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