TGIF: Thank God It’s Football!

I absolutely love football.  There is something about the crunching sound of man hitting man that satisfies the bloodthirsty wench in me.  In fact, when I was younger, while my girl friends were playing with their Barbies, I was in the yard playing tackle with the neighbor boys!  I like a bit of violent physical contact in my sports.  So it’s no surprise that my first boyfriends were football players.  I find the mental game of the territory battle, one side working to maintain their place and gain more, while the other side defends their ground.  Really, football is a form of war game.

Then there are the men that fight this battle.  They are usually in great physical condition.  They have a take no prisoners mentality when they’re on the football field.  They’re competitive.  They don’t like to lose.  And sometimes, if we’re lucky, they look like Jason Taylor or Joe Montana.

For me, though, it’s the unlikely heroes that make me drool.  Guys like Miles Austin or Tony Romo who came into the NFL as undrafted free agents.  People who weren’t expected to amount to anything that suddenly found themselves responsible for their team’s winning season against all odds!  Or guys like Keith Brooking and Charles Haley who people said were washed up, and getting too old for this game, but became the heart and soul of their defense.  The ones who would fire their teams up!

Unexpected warriors who go beyond what people expect of them, who battle through insult and injury to become the difference makers.  People so passionate that they don’t care what the “experts” tell them they’re capable of.  They’ll forge their own way.  Yup!  I find that incredibly sexy.  The fact that they look great in their uniforms and are often bent over so I can appreciate their glutes…that’s just icing on the cake!  Okay, so a military man in uniform fits this sexy description quite well, too.  And then they go one step further and sacrifice their lives for our freedoms on a daily basis, asking for nothing in return.  Yeah, I’m attracted to alpha males, especially if they are leaders.  What do you find sexy?  When you close your eyes and see romantic hero, who do you picture?

One of these days, I will probably tackle a blog post on some of the things commentators say that sound racy while announcing a game.  But in the meantime, I’m just going to be thankful that my Cowboys are back on tv and see what the season brings.  I’m sure someone is going to inspire my imagination.  Someone always does.

4 thoughts on “TGIF: Thank God It’s Football!

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I’ve only begun to really appreciate football in the last year or two. Prior to that it was something I ‘might’ watch with my husband or it acted as white noise in the background. My father loved football, so I think I kind of OD’d on it as a kid and couldn’t embrace it as an adult. Now I love it and look forward to the games.

    As for a romantic hero, I like alpha males but with a tender side. Give me a hero who is flawed, heroic and noble and I’m mush! 😉


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Mae, you’re actually not alone in this new found interest. I think part of it comes from the fact that the NFL is now marketing toward women. Either way, I think it’s great.

      As for the flawed alpha…yeah, they’re yummy, too. Lately I’ve been gravitating towards the tender, controlled alpha. The tough, stoic ones to the outside world, but gentle and loving when with their women.


  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Kitt – You’ll probably ban me from your blog, but my husband and I have a rule of no sports on TV! It’s not that we’re above it all–we’re not. We prefer to spend our spare time relaxing in other ways. We adore live plays, museums of most any type, concerts, and hours and hours of reading side by side. Maybe that’s what happens when you mellow into the afternoon of your years.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I’m not so closed minded that I ban people just for not always sharing the same point of view. In fact, it’s in our differences that I think life gets interesting. Yes, I’m passionate about my sports, but I’m just as passionate about the arts. I, too, enjoy live plays, though musicals are probably my biggest passion. But then, my whole family sings, me included. My sister was even semi-pro before settling on a medical based career. I like museums, but probably not as much as you. I prefer going to live sporting events. And as for the reading side by side, my husband and I enjoy doing the same thing.

      Thank you, though, for sharing a bit of what you enjoy with me. I truly like getting to know people. 🙂


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