Sometimes, there’s beauty in loneliness.  In the stillness you have the chance…to reflect, to observe, to appreciate.  I took this picture a few years ago.  The solitary tree standing strong and proud, alone.  The beauty in the stoicism spoke to me.

That lone tree on an island.  What has it seen?  What has it survived?  How does it have the flexibility to bend and not break?  When the storms came through and that beautiful water became choppy and rough, crashing against it’s base, it stood patiently.  It soaked up the water, feeding itself, growing deeper, stronger roots.  And when those tempests calmed, it stood firm, appreciating the beauty, continuing to grow.

And what about us?  How do we look at the challenges life throws our way?  Do we stand firm?  Do we appreciate the challenges knowing in the end we’ll be better?  Stronger?  Do we patiently wait out the storms life throws our way?  Do we appreciate the solitude, realizing that without it we probably won’t recognize the values of friendships made, of bonds built?  Do we love fearlessly?  Or do we just let life break us?

We always have choices, you know…  In how we choose to approach each day.  In how we respond to trials.  In what attitude we chose when taking on the world.  There are too many victims out there.  People who let life walk all over them.  People who are comfortable wallowing in self pity and dispair.  People who have chosen not to pick themselves up and wipe themselves off.

Then there are these amazing, heroic people you meet or hear about.  I know a guy from Haiti.  He works three jobs tirelessly.  He has a ready smile for every person he comes across.  He’s thrilled to be alive.  And if you were to talk to him, to hear his life before he came to the states, you would probably cry.  He’d tell you about being impoverished and orphaned at an early age.  He’d tell you about watching a younger sibling die, unable to afford medical care and unable to find any other way to assist him.  He’d tell you about loading himself onto a little, rickety boat, unsure if he was going to ever make it here.  Unsure of what would happen if he did.  And then he’d tell you the joy of citizenship and freedom and the opportunity to create a life for himself and send money home to his remaining family members.

Some people look at him and wonder how he can smile with everything he’s experienced.  He wonders how he ever became so lucky!

Yep, in solitude you find your challenges, you make your choices.  Most importantly, you decide on the person you will become.  It’s all about the choices.

6 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. amadiex says:

    You bring up good points and it really comes down to your point of view. It is about a choice. Yeah, sometimes life hands us sour lemons, I just chose to make lemon shots! That always brings a smile:):)


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