The Lovely Blogger Award

Thanks to Chelsea for nominating me for the One Lovely Blogger Award.  It was very sweet of you!  This has been my first nomination for any kind of award.  Hopefully I can continue on the fun and help everyone get to know me in the process.  From what I’m gathering, that’s the whole point of this particular Blogger Award.  🙂

As stated in the rules of participation I’m supposed to tell y’all seven random things about me.  Hopefully I don’t bore you to death while I share.  Without any further ado, here I go!

Seven Random Things About Me:

1.  I’m multi-racial.  Mostly I call it 1/2 White & 1/2 Asian, but if we break those categories down, I become more like Heinz 57.

2.  Seriously…frogs freak me out.  Had an allergic reaction to one as a little girl, now I run screaming in the opposite direction.  Truly.  Once, one barely glanced off me (granted it WAS the side of my face), but I screamed bloody murder so loudly my neighbor came running out of his house.  He thought someone was trying to kill me.

3.  The first poems I had published happened when I was 15.  By the time I was 16, one of my poems had been converted into the school song for my alma mater.  It was for their 75th year anniversary.

4.  I sang my first solo when I was 2 years old.  In church.  It was Jesus Loves Me.  🙂

5.  The push I needed to seriously pursue my writing again was the loss of my job, followed by two calls, back to back.  One from my sister.  The second from my best friend.

6.  I’m a voracious reader.  (Shocker, right?)  My genre of choice has always been romance & erotic romances…but I read practically everything.

7.  I’m gonna go all naughty girl on you guys with this one…  The first time I ever explored with bondage was when I was 17 and I used a pair of thumb cuffs on a boyfriend.  😉

Rules of Participation:

1 Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2 List seven random things about yourself.

3 Nominate fifteen other awesome bloggers.

Now for the moment you’ve waiting for I shall announce the nominees.


My awesome buddy Mae Clair who is launching her book in October…and comes up with great ways to explore fun Mythical creatures.

My wonderfully artsy friend Amadiex who does great fantasy art.

The lovely Sheri de Grom who does wonderful reviews and is working on her own family’s unsolved mystery.

Another awesome writer, L.J. Kentowski specializing in urban romances, with another book launching soon!

The always interesting Myndi Shafer.  She’s publishing her own YA book, Shrilugh, her way.

The thought provoking Dace who believes that the only disability anyone truly has is their attitude.

The vivaciously sassy Natalie Hartford who believes everything is better “jacked up” and who has had very interesting experiences with Jiffy Pop.

The always thought provoking Jamaiquina.

The sweet Nicole who writes poetry and is on a quest to find love.

The interesting Sydney Aaliyah who finds the most creative tattoos.

The always poetic Len Williams Carver.

Romance writer Terri Ponce who truly can list all the reasons why you should love Twitter in 140 characters or less.

Tarunss who reminds you that sometimes failure is to be embraced.

Nick who is unapologetic, in-your-face and calls it like he sees it!

And my 15th?  Whomever would like to join…  I’m too new to doing this to be able to fill  up all these spots, but I keep meeting and reading more and more interesting people every day!

27 thoughts on “The Lovely Blogger Award

  1. Jamaiquina says:

    Oh my word! I didn’t know such an award existed…and I do naughty girl frequently in the erotica I write. 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and the vote of confidence…can you please tell me how I earned it?


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I play in the erotic writing field, myself…hints of it have come out in the poetry I’ve posted here.

      How did you earn it? Well, you earned it by catching my interest with your playfulness in some of your posts, as well as your poetry. I specifically tagged one post to this game because you were sharing a bit of yourself and I liked the things we had in common. 🙂


  2. Jamaiquina says:

    I see there be rules to follow. I’m going to sleep now, but I promise to return and do my duty like a good little teacher. This’ll be an interesting blog, though I’m not sure how I’m going to meet the 15 other bloggers rule. I’ll do my best, though! 🙂



  3. Ande Lyons (@AndeLyons) says:


    I LOVE it when you share the love of your amazing self – you are SO fascinating – AND I love when you share the love and spotlight with so many other wonderful, talented and oh so worthy women. LOVE that about YOU!!

    Your devoted fan,


  4. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Kit! Thank you a thousand and one times over. You are indeed a jewel among jewels. I love reading your posts and I’ve said – I often let them merinate a bit before I reply. I’ve been writing and declared Saturday morning my time to reply to posts I follow and what a fun way to wake-up. Mae pointed me in the direction of your blog – amazing woman that you are – I’ll always be thankful she pointed out your talents to me. As someone else said, these rewards make me feel all warm and fuzzy and appreciated at the same time. Thank you so much.


  5. Natalie Hartford says:

    Congratulations on the much deserved award! I loved your racy random facts…way to put it out there girl….LOVE IT!!! 🙂 Cause you know I am all about racy posts…hahaha!!
    And thank YOU for the uberlicious award and shout out. Warmed my heart…sniff…I really appreciate it and am humbled. Thank you!
    Here’s to continue to rock out to your dreams!! 🙂


  6. Mae Clair says:

    Hey, awesome buddy, thank you so much for the nomination and the shout out! You’re the best! 🙂 I got behind this weekend ripping out shrubbery and cutting down a pine tree with my hubby (don’t ask, LOL) and am only now catching up.

    You cracked me up about the frog thing. Would you believe I LOVE frogs? Hmmm . . . I’m sensing a Mythical Monday post in there, Kitt! 😀


  7. Mae Clair says:

    Mutual appreciation society here, Kitt. You rock too 🙂 And yeah, I’ve been known to be a bit warped with my humor, LOL.

    Thanks again for the nomination. My post is formatted and scheduled and will go live on Thursday the 20th. Riveting facts about moi right around the corner 😉


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