What A Man!

So I’m back from my self imposed day long exile from blogging.  As those of you who regularly read my blog know, yesterday was my anniversary.  What many of you may not know is that I am always plugged in.  Connected.  Charged.  Online.  Rarely am I found without my smartphone or iPad.  It’s become a bit of a joke with my family and friends.

So anyway, yesterday I made a decision to leave my online time to a minimum.  While he was at work I continued to touch up the novella I’m working on.  I spent time with the dogs.  I did the laundry.  I prepared for our evening together.  It was important to me to focus on us time because he left early this morning to go visit his family.  As I’d posted earlier, his uncle isn’t doing well.  Damned Cancer!  Seriously…we think of fuck as a dirty word, but Cancer isn’t?  But I digress….

Last night, while we were out to dinner, I picked up my phone to respond to one of my close friends about taking care of their 3 dogs while they went out of town for two days, then put my phone aside.  Honey, so used to me checking my Facebook and Twitter, started catching up on his Twitter account.  So I teased him about the fact that he’d been on his phone more than me.  This spawned a little bet.  (Me and my big mouth)  The bet was that with the exception of calling his parents to thank them for the flowers they sent, we would see who could go longer without picking up our phones or tablets.  He said that the only exception on my tablet was if I got inspired to write.  (Yeah, he understands my need to create like that…)  He didn’t think I could make it through dinner, much less the entire evening.

I’m proud to announce, we had to call it a draw!

By the way…his leather gift for me was amazingly thoughtful.  Nothing playful about it…just pure, unadulterated, amazing love.  He bought me a brand new reddish colored Italian leather bound custom made journal book.  Inscribed across the front was “Happy Third Anniversary Kitt” in gold lettering.  Along the bottom it said “With all of my love” and had his name signed.  I almost cried.  It was his way of giving me a 100% green light to pursue my dreams of writing.

He truly is a man who knows and understands my heart.

32 thoughts on “What A Man!

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Love the gift and the the inscriptions! It’s like something out of a fairy tale.You’ve got a good guy, Kitt. 🙂 I had to laugh about your bet though. I could have won that one easily, LOL. Sometimes I forget to even take my phone with me.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I wish I had that problem. My sister is the same way. Her husband and I don’t get it. We’d be lost without all that technology and communication…LOL! And I’m glad you laughed…that’s what I was going for. 😉


  2. L.j. Kentowski says:

    I just teared up reading that!!! What a great gift Kitt! So glad your day with him was everything it was supposed to be. Hope his uncle kicks the nasty “C” word! We hear that word way too much lately!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      It really was. It meant the world. As for his uncle? Fingers crossed. Being a stubborn Italian, he’s checked himself AMA. The really stupid thing is that the doctors won’t even use that word yet because the liver biopsy hasn’t come back, but whatever he’s got…it’s aggressive and it’s everywhere. And his last CT back in May was clear…so there’s not much else it’s likely to be. In fact, though they hadn’t labelled it yet, talk of hospice had already been mentioned. ::sigh::


  3. Kitt Crescendo says:

    Thanks. So now I’m waiting on pins and needles knowing I may end up doing one of those “drop everything and head home” trips. Sad, but at least he’s lived life. It’s that much more devastating when it’s the little ones impacted. Not that I wish this on anyone…


  4. sassandbalderdash says:

    That is such a thoughtful gift. The journal itself is nice, but the real treasure there is having someone that’s so supportive of your dreams and goals. Sorry to hear about your uncle (in law? I believe.). My uncle is actually battling lymphoma right now, so I’ve become all too familiar with the calls at odd hours and the constant waiting.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. You are absolutely right…although the gift was nice, what it represents is priceless. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle, too. The dreaded “C” word seems to be everywhere these days, and when it rains, it pours. 😦


  5. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Love it – True love is all about ‘getting each other and unconditional love.’ After being on call 24/7, I have no problem leaving the phone turned off at home, never-mind when I’m out and about. I do understand completely the need to have a journal at your fingertips. I have them all over the house and one in my purse and the special ones I’ve received over the years from my true love–he’s now learned to look for the refillable ones because once they are full–I still want to hug the covers as they feel so good and continue to convey his love. Sometimes writing on a ‘tablet’ just isn’t the same. I can vizualise your poetic words streaming across the pages of that beautiful leather journal.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      You’re absolutely right, Sheri. I’m so glad you’ve got one of those good guys, too. 🙂 As for the journal, paper just works better at times. And sometimes, when I’m brainstorming an idea, it just flows better on paper. I can edit and transcribe when I move to tablet. 🙂


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