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A big thanks to Cultural Muse blog and Clarity for nominating me for the following blog awards.

Not sure what happened to my original post, but most of it seems to have disappeared, so let me try this part over!  The above links nominated me for the following various posts.  The name of the game with these posts is usually as follows:  you list 7 interesting things about yourself that people probably don’t know.  Then you nominate 10-15 blogs that you find interesting, intriguing or just plain fun!  Of course, link back to whomever nominated you as a thank you!

7 Things about me:

1.  I was born on a military base in the Philippines…Clark Air Force Base, to be precise.

2.  I was an international traveller by the time I was 8 months old when we moved from the Philippines to California.

3.  I have an ear for languages.  In fact, I speak enough French and Spanish to be dangerous.  I can still speak Tagalog & understand Kapangpangan.  My parents say I used to speak German, too, when I was really young.

4.  I love musicals!  Although I’m thrilled about the Les Mis that is headed to theaters near you, I absolutely love the 10th Anniversary concert that happened at Royal Albert Hall with Lea Salonga playing Eponine.  She’s one of my favorite performers.  Such a pure voice!  Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

5.  My mom says I started writing stories at 3 years old.  The first story I remember writing?  6th grade.  It was actually more a play.  Fan fic, at that…based around The Carringtons and Colbys from Dynasty.  🙂

6.  I’m the oldest of 5.  I have 1 sister, 2 brothers who passed away in tragic accidents when they were young, and one half sister.

7.   I love to cook as much as I love to bake.  My husband loves when I decide to cook Filipino dishes.  🙂 (Chicken adobo and fried rice are his biggest favorites)

The following nominees have earned their recognition because they keep me interested, engaged and entertained.  They’re talented and wonderful.  I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I do.

1.)  Enjoy the beautiful nature photography of Phil Lanoue.

2.)  The ever sweet Emma Meade who is launching her YA book Under The Desert Moon

3.)  Olivia Obryon who has one of the toughest, most important jobs out there and still manages to entertain!

4.)  Karen Rought who shares my passion for music.

5.)  You never know what’s going to catch Lorca Damon‘s eye…and her sympathy;-)

6.)  Stephanie Ingram who asks the really tough questions…like “Who Is The Tooth Fairy Anyway?”

7.)  Looking For The Sweet Spot whose unique ways of looking at things can get you both laughing and nodding.

8.)  Melissa MacKinnon -her big heart is beautiful to read and brought tears to my eyes. (not to mention her awesome 6 sentence Sunday is super exciting!)

9.)  Able to sum up entire womens magazines in several sentences-One Week To Crazy.

10.)  Tim Knox– You’re just never sure what direction the story is going in until the end.  🙂

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these nominees as much as I have!  Happy Sunday everyone.

31 thoughts on “Share Something New And Interesting

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Mae, I think part of that may have been self preservation, LOL! With my gabby nature, not speaking the language of those around me would have been a fate worse than death, LOL! So I adapted to my surroundings.


  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well you have certainly lived an interesting and amazing life, even starting at such an early age! I’m impressed!
    No cool languages for me though, I tried but my memory is lousy so I would only make a mess out of the whole thing.

    Thanks so much for highlighting my photo blog!
    Wow, I’m honored! 🙂


  2. cherylz1961 says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog “weepingintodancing”.
    I wanted to share something new with you that I just learned it this wk.
    In the Bible-book of James …. Chapter 1 verse 1 he says “GREETINGS” THIS IS THE GREEK WORD “CHAIREIGN” (Ki-rain)
    The meaning is “Joy to YOU!” I wish you joy myself. CherylZ


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks. I found you through Chelsea’s blog. I’m also a big fan of Greek and Roman history and languages…so I appreciate the new word! May your life be filled with joy. 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Actually, I think you may have misunderstood the title of the blog. Along with the awards given me I was required to share something new and interesting about myself, then nominate several other bloggers, all which I’d done last month.

      However, please feel free to leave the link for your blog on this post for anyone who reads my blog to have an opportunity to check you out. 🙂


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