Excited About Everything E!

There’s been this fun game going around involving letters of the alphabet. I’ve been fighting myself from asking to join in, but as you can tell by this post…it was a losing battle. How could I resist when people like Myndi Shafer came up with Bodacious B-words…that don’t end in itch. I couldn’t resist…I’ve always wanted to use the word Bodacious! Then there’s Kathy Owen who had R, and another favorite, Natalie Hartford and her very cool ideas of what makes J so loveable. Then, on Jenny Hanson’s blog yesterday I discovered Marcia Richards‘ ‘L’ words along with Jansen Schmitd‘s D’s!

So with Jenny’s Tantalizing Thoughts on T, I finally asked for a letter….and received E. At first I thought, crap! This is going to be tough…and then I found that I kept coming up with more and more words or things that started with E that I absolutely loved. Not wanting to leave anything out, I found a way to categorize my top ten ‘E’ words to share all my favorite things.

Here goes nothing!

Eggs- My favorite meal of the day has been, and I expect, always will be…breakfast. And I like eggs…done any way from scrambled to fried to boiled or poached. But I also like lots of foods that start with the word egg…like Eggrolls (Filipino style) or Egg drop soup or Egg noodles or Egg salad sandwich. (unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of Eggplant or Egg foo young).

Exotic Locales- I couldn’t make my mind if I wanted to put Egypt down (would love to visit the pyramids) or Europe which includes England (where my gram is from) and Estonia or Ecuador or El Salvador, so I found a way to incorporate them all!

Eleanors- Strange, right? But my heroes are women like Eleanor of Aquitaine & Eleanor Roosevelt. Women who know what it means to be strong way before equal rights became cool. They also knew that a sense of humor about life in general was important. My best friend in Jr High also happens to share the name, though we just called her Norie.

Easy Listening- Two of my favorite musicians of all time are Ella Fitzgerald & Elvis Presley (I crushed hard on young Elvis)…but with other singers like Evanescence & Eartha Kitt…I couldn’t allow such a limitation.

Erotic- Love the word, the meaning, and then there are the books…I absolutely adore reading erotic romances and writing erotic…whether it’s in poetry…or in story. Erotic can range from hand cuffs to candlelit baths to fun with food to sexy massages. What woman in her right mind could or would resist?

Education-Smart is sexy. So whether you’re learing through Experimentation or through Electronics or simply through Everyday life, it’s important to continue. When you stop learning, you start dying. I firmly believe that.

Escapism-whether it’s through a good book or a trip to the bahamas or watching an awesome movie or tv show…it’s through this word that you relax, rejuvinate and regroup.

Enchantment-this is my all things fairytale category…it includes Elves and witches and shapeshifters. I first discovered my love of enchantment in 3rd grade when I read through the entire Oz series followed by the Wrinkle In Time series….life deserves magic.

Experience & Emotions-they go hand in hand to help shape who you are

Evenings- it’s that time when the hectic craziness of the world starts to slow down. When families get to spend time together talking about their days. When beauty decides to show itself again as the sun falls from the horizon and the moon comes out to play. Yeah, evenings are great!

And for my bonus—Eternal/Everlasting Life-I like to give thanks to my creator who gave up the one thing that was most valuable to him to help show me my worth. I know not everyone believes the same way I do, and that’s okay! Some of you will even look at this last one and think vampire. 😉 Either way, to me it was too important to be left out.

Whew! That was tough, but fun. I’m sure I missed a few (Exercise was issed on purpose as I see it as a necessary evil and Endings made me sad, so they got left off), so I’d love to hear from you! What ‘E’ words would you have added? Would you like to play along? I promise, it’s a very fun challenge. If you want a letter, just ask! There’s tons of fun to spread around and I know there are equally creative minds…

26 thoughts on “Excited About Everything E!

  1. Marcia says:

    I LOVE your list! You did such an amazing job with a tough letter! My favorites are Elvis, Ella and Eleanor. I’m a big fan of the musicians and Eleanor Roosevelt Is an original Sexy, smart and Strong Woman! I’ve never read that quote of hers, and I’ve read so many. I may need to borrow that one sometime.
    My addition would be exercise even though I feel the same as you about it. I just feel so much better when I do it. Oh, yeah, and my main character of my new book coming in December–her name is Eve.
    I hope one of your readers decides to play. This game is a hoot!


  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    How about…effervescence? The bubbling feeling and sound you get from the bottle after popping a champagne cork for instance.
    Or possibly use it to describe someone’s personality.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Sheri! And you’re right… Last night while walking the dogs I realized that under Easy Listening I forgot Eva Cassidy & Elton John. I also left off elephants (which are cute)…and I woke up this morning with the word Engagement on the brain. Ahhhh!


  3. ☮♥☆ says:

    nice post…

    epidermis 🙂 he, he
    imagine living without it!!!

    encyclopedia – mm-hmm! who hasn’t come across one they couldn’t out down.

    Eagles – not the band, the bird!!!
    🙂 soar…

    Earth – our home!

    etc… he, he…


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you! I really enjoyed playing along. When I saw that Eleanor graphic I knew I’d found “the one”. Thanks again for giving me the letter. I really enjoyed stretching myself and getting creative.


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