A MILE between Smiles-and other nonsense

Today, a friend of mine from elementary school posted the following on her Facebook status:

“What is the longest word in the dictionary??????”

Of course, in the comments she responded with “Smiles, because it has MILES between the two S’s! LOL!”

What ensued was a moment of humor and brain twisting.  One of her friends thought her husband had hacked her account again and was playing a prank. The rest of us decided to try to think of the biggest words we could come up with.

Here are some of the words that people came up with:

supercalifragelisticexpialidocious–gotta love any Mary Poppins references.

then there were the medically related ones…



And then another friend had to ruin the fun by doing a wikipedia search and posting the results.  Bah!  Where’s the fun in that?  I seem to recall that if you took out the medical/technical words it was antidisestablishmentarianism that was the longest English word. Of course I could be wrong.

Why am I posting about this?

Coming up with medical terms reminded me of a time when we started using our medical terminology knowledge to create things.  In fact, I have a favorite…

Cranial Rectal Inversion- (aka having your head up your ass)

And as I started thinking back to school and work and realized that every job or student has had some sort of fun created lingo to say things.

When I was working in the electronics industry the techs would talk about I-D 10 T issues people would have. Before people got savvy, you’d actually hear people tell customers dropping off computers, etc for technical support.  “That’s terrible, sir.  But I’m pretty sure I can fix it.  This is simply an ID10T issue.”

After a while, someone out there got savvy and wrote it down…and that little word was no longer useable.  (Which was a bummer when you’d have someone come in with their computer tower wondering why their coffee holder was broken…when in fact it was their cd rom drive…and the list could go on and on)

Now not all words or phrases we come up with are negative or derrogatory. Sometimes they were flirty and fun!

Sophomore year in high school our French teacher only had 5 of us students (it was a small, private school) taking French 2.  So she had two classes she was teaching simultaneously.  We were considered the “good” kids…you know, the ones who were never any trouble…and never in the principal’s office?  So one day she left us alone in the library with a book called 1001 French Verbs and gave us the assignment to write a story…as a team.  Four hormonal girls and one boy.  Care to take a guess as to whether or not that paper got done?  LMAO!  Poor, trusting teacher.  Instead, we looked up the verbs, tried to figure out what we cold conjugate and make the naughtiest phrases we could come up with.

The most original one we came up with? “Mettez votre langue dans ma bouche”.  Put your tongue in my mouth.

What can I say?  There was already a song about will you go to bed with me.  I believe it came out in the 70’s.  “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir”. Boy did we get in trouble when she found out we said those words to one of the boys in our class…

I know it’s all childish, but these things make me smile…and bring this nostalgia in my heart.  Be glad I couldn’t find the library scene from the movie “Threesome” or it would’ve been attached to this post, LOL!  Yeah…I could totally have been the girl that got completely turned on by a guy had big words in his brain and knew how to use them.  Between that and a sexy singing voice…Yum!

So what things make you nostalgic? What are your favorite big words?  No cheating and looking it up…what do you think the biggest word in the English language is?  On a side note, I had a friend once whose last name was Manoonkittiwongsa. That is not only a long word, but fun to pronounce.  I’m always fascinated with things like that, too…

By the way, my friend had posted the initial question because she’s been putting kid jokes in her 8 year old’s lunch box every morning and thought she’d share…LOL! So if you didn’t like this post…or now you’ve got a zillion big words on the brain, blame the 8 year old!

8 thoughts on “A MILE between Smiles-and other nonsense

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I’d always heard that supercalifragelisticexpialidocious was the longest word, though I’m sure there are plenty of medical terms much longer.

    Your fun memory about the library reminds me of a similiar time when I was in 8th grade. A group of friends and I were in the library reading snippets of books to each other. I was reading The Once and Future King at time and had reached the part when one of the knights happened upon a lovesick Questing Beast. I can’t remember how the passage went, but I remember we were giggling hysterically picturing this heroic knight who’d set out to kill a mythical monster and suddenly had his hands full when the thing started mooning over him. It’s a fun memory. Thanks for reminding me of it, Kitt. 🙂


  2. lynnlovesediting says:

    I love this post! I don’t have a long word, but I do have a couple of words/phrases that carried over from different jobs. At one job we called anything Timmy-Fos (Temephos, an insecticide we had to research for lab). At another job, if we needed a certain number of an item we’d scream “all-day” afterwards (restaurant phrase to prevent one from making too many of the same order).

    This post made me smile 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks! As for your phrases, I’ve never heard either before, so thanks for sharing something new with me. BTW, I used to have a friend who worked for an airline…their code for hot guy was “my feet hurt.” 😉


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