All About All Hallows

Halloween used to be one of my favorite times as a child.  I loved going to haunted houses.  I loved Halloween parties.  I loved Trick-Or-Treating.  I loved the quick adrenaline rush of getting scared.  Some things never changed.  Tonight I’ll be going to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando.

Exciting, right?  But only if you love being scared…which, oddly enough, I do!  Now I’m not much for horror movies, but I love haunted houses.  In fact, we decorate for Halloween most years.  Here are a few pictures of what you find around my house.

This lovely lady hides under my SUV and has a motion sensor.  When someone walks past, the sensor is triggered and she starts crawling out at you.

Here is one of our zombies coming up from the ground…

This beheaded vampire stands at the front of our overhang near the front door, a warning to all…BEWARE, all who enter!

Who better to meet you at the front door?  And he has a motion sensor, too…he swings that chainsaw!

Yeah…Halloween is fun. I have been known to still don a costume, even now.  (I don’t like the scary ones for myself…Mostly I’d be Pocahontas or a Hawaiian girl or I’ve even been known to dress up as a China Doll)  Hubby likes to get scary.  I remember one Halloween he did his makeup a little too well.  We showed up to the hospital we worked at, through the ER and they thought he’d been in a horrific accident.  They were running to get a gurney for him when he busted up laughing and told them it was all makeup.  That was my Pocahontas year.  Dang, I wish I had pictures from that time.  It was awesome.

Oddly enough, with my love of all things Halloween, there is one thing that is still on my wish list of things never done.  I haven’t gone to a Halloween costume ball.  I’d love to do something like that.  Doesn’t that sound like amazing fun?  (not to mention the naughty trouble that could ensue…masked man…sigh…LOL!)  What about you?  What things would you love to do?  What things haven’t you done?

Me, being me…well, I just felt the need to also share my favorite Halloween songs…Feel free to share yours, too!

The first scary movie I ever saw was The Exorcist.  Hated it.  Movies that mess in religion tend to creep me out.  Personally, if I want to watch something scary, I’d rather watch Supernatural or Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf.

So what gets you in the Halloween mood?

21 thoughts on “All About All Hallows

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Unfortunately for us, as much as we love going all out, there are two issues with Florida & trick-or-treating. 1.) not very many young people 2.) a lot of nut jobs (keeps parents cautious so a lot of the trick-or-treating happens at malls and other designated “safe” areas). I think it’s great that you guys are normally the final party house.:-)


  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    That’s terrific! Looks like you really have Halloween down well!
    I really like scary movies very much!
    Oh…BTW, don’t know if you are a fan but the new season of The Walking Dead starts tomorrow night, just a heads up in case ya didn’t know.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Sweet! That’s the theme for Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, as well! We enjoy Halloween. Hubby always wanted to create a full on haunted house. Maybe one year… Though, he still feels terrible about our decor terrifying this 2 year old neighbor child of ours a couple of years back. She managed to get up our drive without setting off any sensors, but as she started walking back to her big sis & mom, she set one off…which started a chain reaction. She was so scared she stayed at the top of our driveway frozen in fear, crying and screaming. Her mom was laughing so hard she couldn’t move. Big sis had to come up and rescue her (also laughing hysterically). Poor thing.


  2. Esenga' s Voice says:

    Must admit that Halloween became popular in Latvia just in 90′ s – pretty much like Valentine’ s Day. Before that we were equally scared and loving all the way through from January till December. 🙂
    But have always enjoyed when it finally came around – afterall “Friday, the 13th” use to be among my faves back in time.


  3. journalpulp says:

    “I have been known to still don a costume, even now.”

    But what on earth do you mean “even now,” Ms. Crescendo? One is never too old to don a costume, is one? Certainly not vous.

    “There’s nothing more life-affirming than have the *!#t scared out of you,” said Bad Bobby Hughes.

    Speaking of China dolls, have you ever heard the Julian Cope song “China Doll” (not to be confused with David Bowie’s “China Girl”) from 1989? Mediocre video, but a very beautiful song.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Touche! You’re absolutely right…there’s no such thing as too young to dress up….which reminds me…I need to start thinking about my costume for this year. 🙂
      I’d never heard that “China Doll” song. It was actually quite sweet…the lyrics, not the video. Thanks for sharing it! I love finding new songs to enjoy.


  4. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Oh, I love scary movies! Growing up we’d turn all the lights out and scary the bejeebus out of ourselves. I remember once turning on one, the opening scene was freaky as all get out, then the screen went black and the TV was filled with a blood-curdling scream. We flipped it off almost immediately and ran for safety LOL. I still love those scary movies. OMG…love love love your decorations, especially the crawling woman LMAO!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Oddly enough, I prefer suspense movies to scary ones. I enjoy the Underworld series, Resident Evils and stuff like that. From Dusk Till Dawn is one of my all time faves…and not just because Salma Hayek looks smokin’ hot dancing with that snake… I can’t handle movies like The Exorcist and other ones like that, though…something to do with my religeous upbringing, I’m sure…
      And the crawling lady? She’s my favorite, too! LOL!


  5. Mae Clair says:

    Your decorations ROCK, Kitt. I used to decorate for Halloween every year but haven’t for the last few. Gotta find my stuff. Nowhere near as cool as yours.

    We were away for the weekend (lakeside getaway). Driving home we passed a contemporary farmhouse with a wraparound porch. Great decorations, but the one that got me the most was a GIGANTIC black spider crawling from the porch railing to the roof. Never saw anything like it. I would love to have one and put it on the second story of my house above the garage. Gotta do some online searching. It was amazing.

    BTW, love the song, Werewolves of London. One I can play over and over. Fun post! 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      OMG, the giant spider…I have one! LOL! I keep it in the bushes along with the spiderweb we put up. This year I won’t be able to put it up until Halloween because we go out of town to see a Cowboys game right before and my friend who will be staying here to doggie sit has a severe case of arachnaphobia. She would pass out…then there would be no one to watch my babies! LOL!


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