En Musica, Mea

There’s a beauty
in lyrics
that wraps around
my soul,
Soothes away hurts,
Calms raging demons.

Music is
my time machine;
transports me
to my past.
Just a note,
a chord,
a gentle refrain.

When words can’t
to grieve,
give comfort,
to reach out a hand…
a melody
can say them
so much more adequately.

Music is my
my comfort,
my joy.
The harmony in my heart
that lives on
long after
I am gone.

The title is Latin…translating to “In Music, Me”. As many of you know, music is a driving passion for me. It enriches and brings joy to my life. I don’t have the heart to pursue music professionally…for constant practice to attain perfection in this venue kills some of the joy for me. Instead, it is simply a part of my soul that I love to share.

For some people, a certain smell will transport them in time…or maybe something they saw, or something someone says. Maybe a phrase or an expression. For me, it’s always been music. There aren’t many situations, expressions, or experiences that I can’t find lyrics to fit. So here’s my challenge. I’m in a playful mood today…and feeling the need to share music. Why don’t you help me indulge it? You tell me a little bit about your mood or a situation, maybe a memory or whatever…and let’s see if I can’t find a song to match it… Please help soothe my inner musical beast and play along…

In the meantime, here’s a song that expresses how music is my time machine…

44 thoughts on “En Musica, Mea

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    See what you might come up with from this…

    I’m feeling a bit adventurous with a touch of recklessness today.
    I’m up for something but not sure what.
    I’m thinking back to the days when I was a late teen/early 20s guy and me and a friend would jump in a car and head off to who knows where for who knows how long.
    This is something that would not be at all the same if I tried it today.
    Music would be a huge part of a day like this back then.
    I remember driving from NY to FL many years ago and I know there were other albums with us but “The Soft Parade” by The Doors sticks in my head.


  2. lenwilliamscarver says:

    Ahhhh I knew it from the first post of yours …we are sisters in music! Motown really??? A soul on my blogger list that KNOWS and ENJOYS MOTOWN?? Oh and country can pull a heartstring or move my two steppin feet. Phoebe ? Unbelievable…stood in the rain 4 hrs to get Janis tix she died 2 months later. Now here is a secret I was once married to a drummer of a very well known country group ..actually two groups.. music is in my soul , my soul is in my music. Oh thank you so much I believe I will go play on you tube!


  3. L.J. Kentowski says:

    I’m a little sad today. Someone that has worked at our company for the last 25 yrs passed away last night with a sudden heart attack. That’s sad in and of itself, but here’s what saddens me even more. Our company is making us take vacation time to go to the funeral. Talk about de-valuing life. Just sad what corporate America has become.


  4. Katie says:

    I’ve been in a lazy, sweatpants-wearing, TV watching, world-ignoring mood all day. Unfortunately, I had to go to work so that had to be put on hold. I was perfectly cheerless for most of my shift as a result, hahaha.


  5. wordsurfer says:

    Hey, wow, thanks for dropping by my blog, because that meant I got to explore yours, and I have to say, I think this challenge is such a cool idea and you’re digging up some really good stuff. Love it!


      • wordsurfer says:

        Alright, I’ve got a tough one for you… I need some music to come to terms with a huge role reversal, namely the fact that my parents are off to travel the world with their backpacks for the next seven months (leaving on Sunday) and that I’m staying behind in my “home”town (where I grew up, but don’t feel at home) to care for the dog and look for work. I never wanted to live here and now here I am and my parents are taking off to do the adventures I’m supposed to be doing. Mixed in there is pride, envy and fear.
        Find some music for that? Something that soothes, yet gives me hope that I’m not stuck here and that I will, at some point in the future, be cool again? 🙂


          • wordsurfer says:

            Oh my… I’ve decided that I love you. You got those so well! With the first I already felt guilty for my childishness when I read the title and then all the rest… And then the second one is just perfect as a girl anthem. I love it!
            And you got me thinking… what do you say to this list?

            First this, to underline the fact that everybody follows their own dream, however they go about it.

            Then this, as a reminder that every story has two sides and that often, it’s up to you to choose which side to see.

            And last of all this one, a reminder to take each day as it comes and if it’s a bad one, to know that there will be good one again.


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