Celebrating The Life Of A 100 Year Old Author

This morning I sat down and contemplated what I wanted to write for my blog, put together a plan and began typing the words. Like all the best laid plans, though, things changed when I received an email from the Sarasota Writers Group, a part of the Florida Writers Association notifying me that a valued member had passed away on November 6th.

Yesterday was our regularly scheduled meeting day. Ed wasn’t there, but I wasn’t concerned because he’d reached out to one of the other members to let us know that he was headed out of town to attend one of his grand children’s wedding.

I joined this group at the end of July and started attending meetings every first and third Wednesday of the month in August. They are a warm, welcoming bunch. It was then that I met Mr. Ed Lyman. Ed was a sweet man. He was regularly featured in Peppertree Literary Magazine, a local free magazine for writers in Sarasota and Manatee counties. My favorite piece of work by Ed was actually something that he’d written about Swiss Army Knives. It was entitled On The Cutting Edge (The Bloody History Of The Swiss Army Knife). Apparently Swiss Army Knife liked it too, because they picked it up and posted it on their website.

I met Ed for the first time at that meeting. He was a kind man and made me feel welcome right away. He was at the point of his life where he preferred others to read his work for him, and his pieces never failed to entertain. He made copies of whatever work he planned on reading for the group and passed them out. Based on what I read about him from our writers group blog, he was an active volunteer at Venice Hospital and a huge supporter of the local Venice community. Ed was 100 years young. I hope that if I’m lucky enough to reach that age, I do it with the same zeal for life that Mr Lyman showed. God Bless You, Ed!

10 thoughts on “Celebrating The Life Of A 100 Year Old Author

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks LJ! I just felt like a gentleman who continued writing into his hundreds with such witty panache deserved, at the very least, a tip of the hat in recognition and remembrance. He was great…and I didn’t even know him well. 🙂


  1. Mae Clair says:

    What a lovely tribute to Ed, Kitt. It sounds like he was a delightful soul who touched many lives and will be remembered with fondness and affection.

    Many years ago when I attend a regional writing group I met a man who was a bit like your Ed. 🙂 We connected right off the bat. He made me feel at ease and was such a charmer! An older gentleman with a soft southern accent he had a very courtly, elegant style. He’d been in the publishing industry for years. In college he sold a novel to Hollywood that later became a hit television series in the 1960s (The Time Tunnel). He’d published several novels (traditional and indie) and was wonderful at sharing his knowledge and encouraging other authors. His wife was not a member of the group but she was every bit as delightful, the proverbial sweet southern lady.
    I eventually became president of that group and, years later, Charles passed away. He’s someone I will always remember with affection and admiration. Isn’t it amazing the people we connect with on our journey through life? I bet Ed is looking down now, grinning over your post. A cyber toast to both of you!


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