The Top


She said, “It may not look like much to you
This lace and bead and string.
To me, it is a treasure
Worth more than anything.

This little decoration
I guard and rarely show
Sat atop my wedding cake
‘Bout sixty years ago.

Your grandpa looked so handsome
In the uniform he wore
Ready to join his life to mine
Before he headed off to war.

I cherished that little trinket,
Kept it close to me
While I said goodbye
And grandpa went to sea.

Don’t put your faith in money, dear,
Or superficial things.
Remember that what mattered most
Was when we exchanged our rings.”

The above is the original topper from my grandparents’ wedding cake.

My Grandpa served in WW2. On my Grandparents’ 60th anniversary several years back, my Grandma told me the story of that cake topper. You see, they got married during war time, so cake toppers had become scarce. In fact there were maybe 5 toppers left on the shelf, and the rest were paper. My Grams managed to snag this one. Once my grandpa went off to war, she protected that topper, unsure if it would be the only tangible thing she’d have of theirs for a while. Fortunately he came home safely.

She cherished that topper above all else. It was more important than her diamonds or any other expensive material thing that came along. In her eyes, that little, inexpensive bit of tulle and bead and string was priceless. She cherished it the way she cherished my Grandpa. She passed away a couple months after we celebrated their anniversary. Grandpa followed her a couple years later.

I will always miss them, but more importantly, I’ll always remember the lesson she taught me. Remember what’s important. Cherish the people you love. Don’t take them for granted. Love with your whole heart. Anything less than that is not worth it.

Here’s one of the last pictures I took of them together….on their 60th anniversary. I’ve got a feeling they’re reunited once again.


33 thoughts on “The Top

  1. viveka says:

    Love this tribute – both my grandparents are dead – my father’s side I don’t know at all. Just love .. this post – written with so much love and tenderness.


  2. Don't Quote Lily says:

    Stop making me tear up today! This was so beautiful. 60 years…that doesn’t happen so much nowadays. I’m sorry they passed away but I’m sure they’re together again now. 🙂

    I completely agree…you can’t put a price on things of sentimental value. I would have cherished that topper too. We should never take anyone or anything for granted because tomorrow’s a possibility, not a guarantee. 😉


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Sorry! 🙂 And thanks! It reminds me of that Richie Rich movie when John Laroquette was trying to find the Riches and what they kept in their special vaults. He was furious when he found out their treasure was Richie’s first pair of shoes. Hand prints, etc. the real priceless treasures sometimes seem worthless to others because they don’t understand monetary value can’t be put on the real important stuff. 🙂


  3. lenwilliamscarver says:

    So beautiful and such a loving tribute to their sixty years together. My grandparents made 76 years together before my grandfather passed that same year at 97 gram hung on until she was 100 years and 6 days. that kind of love and dedication to marriage is so hard to find today isn’t it?


  4. Pleun says:

    Grand parents are the best! I miss mine as well, although I could never say it as lovely as you did. Your grandma sounds like a wise woman indeed (but really aren’t they all :-))


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