Sick Kitt Enjoys Soft Kitty…

I Heart Sheldon Cooper! This is his get well soon song, so since I’m still a tad under the weather…I thought it was appropriate. I love when Penny, his neighbor from across the hall gets the better of him. They may be rocket scientists, but they’re not exactly brilliant when it comes to the real world. She is their perfect foil. She’s also their guardian angel. No one messes with those boys but her. 🙂

They also find a very unique way to say there’s someone for everyone… Even Sheldon.

Have I mentioned that I love this show? Watching this while trying to clean and cook for tomorrow’s big shindig is just one more way for me to feel better.  Laughter truly is the best medicine. What shows make you guys laugh?

In fact, here’s Sheldon’s most embarassing moment…and I thought it was awesome! Hope everyone is doing well…



19 thoughts on “Sick Kitt Enjoys Soft Kitty…

  1. vimal says:

    I don’t follow this show that much 🙂
    but the ones I’ve seen were fun…

    I watch a lot of travel shows and food shows when I do turn on the idiot box…
    One of my all time fave shows is “Whose line is it anyway?”
    Remember that… I still watch episodes on Youtube…


  2. viveka says:

    Started to watch it a couple of months ago – it’s really great .. can’t watch you videos for some reason … Hope you will recover soon and as you said – laughter and humor is best medicine of all. Get well soon.


  3. Marie says:

    The Big Bang Theory is really one of my favorite shows of all time. It’s the show I watch when I got to bed at night, to get my mind off of anything bad in life, if I need a good laugh, and just ….I just love it! There are soooo many scenes that are my favorite.

    This show has actually brought tears to my eyes, so I do have one favorite Big Bang moment. It’s when Sheldon buys a bunch of different sized Christmas present baskets for Penny because he doesn’t know what she’s gotten him. It’s when he says “It’s not enough” and then hugs her that I just thought was amazing! Actually, to me, that is the best scene ever.

    Another one I replayed over and over was when Leonard is walking up the stairs with Sheldon and they say:

    Sheldon: You know, the more I think about it, the mobster sauce couldn’t possibly contain chunks of mobster.

    Leonard: And why is that?

    Sheldon: It was listed under seafood.

    Leonard: What if they were mobsters who slept with the fishes?

    Sheldon: Leonard, are we having a serious conversation or not?

    Just the way that Leonard delivers that line is priceless. Man…I’m really going to have to watch some Big Bang Theory now 😛 Thanks for that pick me up Kitt! Hope you feel better soon!



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