Long Nights And The Superficial Psyche

I have been burning my candle at both ends lately. Tonight is my first night back to my hotel room at a reasonable hour. It has been an insanely busy few days. We were going to open Thanksgiving night, but there was too much prep work to be done. My work day for Black Friday went from 7pm on Thanksgiving till about 10:45 am. I returned back to work at 6pm to close. We left the store around 10:30 or so & got back to the hotel around midnight after a stop to Walmart.

Tonight we left around 7pm & went to dinner. We sat at the bar where we talked sports and life and love with our very cool bartender. While discussing relationships he’d mentioned the value of being humble. For the benefit of being thankful for what you have without putting on airs or false pretenses.

His story? A couple of years ago he went to a bar in a bigger city with some friends. There was a beautiful woman sitting at the bar, so he thought he’d say hello. He walked up to her & here’s what happened.

Bartender: Hi there!
Girl: (looks over haughtily) Make and model of your car?
Bartender: (looks at her in disbelief, then sarcasm) 1978 Pinto
Girl…turns away.

Really? How utterly pretentious and superficial! Unreal. All she cared about was money. She deserved the lying response he concocted after her disrespect. It may explain why he told me he was glad to have found an amazing person… Don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting financial security or maybe an equal partner, but any number of things… But not like that! No wonder he said he wasn’t interested in “rookie camp”.

So tell me, folks, have you ever refused talking to someone based on something superficial? If so, tell, tell! When meeting someone new, what things have intrigued you enough to give a stranger a chance in the past? What things have you heard people verbally or theoretically snoop into at bars or clubs or restaurants that could be found offensive by the recipient? What things do you think are important to a relationship?

The area is beautiful out here! When I drive the freeway, I can’t believe that just looking across has me looking at Mexico. I am really enjoying those mountains! I promise, pictures will eventually be posted.

I do miss having time to write…I need to make tome to do what I love. If I’m mildly incoherent, please excuse me. I’m worn out!

Good Night!

24 thoughts on “Long Nights And The Superficial Psyche

  1. wordsurfer says:

    That’s the most superficial and discourteous and stupid thing I’ve heard in a long time… Reminds me of this really cool ballad written by Friedrich Schiller (famous German writer) in 1797, called “Der Handschuh” (The Glove). You can find a translation here: http://www.has.vcu.edu/for/schiller/handschuh_dual.html
    I taught a literature project on this once, we asked the kids to transform it into a modern story and the results were awesome, they really got the meaning of it and they were so creative!


  2. Jane Sadek says:

    I’m from the era of Boogie Nights, Saturday Night Fever and Looking for Mr. Goodbar. It was a blast and by the grace of God I avoided anything more serious than a few broken hearts. The lesson I learned was that I wasn’t going to find Mr. Forever in a disco. I couldn’t trust my intuitions when they were distracted by booze and loud music, nor would that guy I met be what he advertised when it got down to the boring stuff. But judging people superficially was never one of my sins. I danced with everyone.


  3. Don't Quote Lily says:

    Jeez, you must be exhausted!
    Wow, how rude of that woman to ask that straight up. I wouldn’t want to associate with people like that. She obviously doesn’t believe in taking time to get to know a person for what they have inside. Oh well, that’s a shame for her.


  4. L.J. Kentowski says:

    I know there are tons of people like that in this world, but it’s sad. I could never shun a person that way! I’ve always made conversation when approached. If I found the person and I just didn’t click, there was always a nice way of putting it.

    Keep that midnight oil burning, but try not to burn it out there Kitt 🙂


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