First Time Sharing

Tonight I have firsts on my mind. First crush, first kiss, first love, first time, first heartbreak… I know, oddly innocent and nostalgic, but after my buddy LJ Kentowski mentioned in the last blog that I had a ton of memories, I figured it was time to jog everyone’s memory. So please, sit, relax and take a ride with me on this train of reminiscing. Think back to your firsts…when you hear the word, what comes to your mind? Bet it’s more than one thing!

My first solo: in church. I was 2. Song? Jesus Loves Me!

First Plane trip: 8 months old. From Philippines to California.

First best friend: a little blond girl named Corinne. Unfortunately the friendship was short lived based on all the travel our family did with the military. I was 3 and she was 4.

First crush: a boy in the Philippines. His name was Michael. He was 7, I was 6. He was my teacher’s nephew. He gave me my first kiss on the cheek. We lost touch when I moved to the states, but eventually got back in touch when I was in 8th grade.

First “real” kiss: I was 14. The boyfriend’s name was Joe. He had dark, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, a smattering of freckles over his turned up nose, and sexy lips. He was also the first boyfriend to give me his jean jacket to wear as a sign that we were dating.

First love: a boy named Jay. I was 15, he was 16. He was Italian. Brown hair and eyes. He had olive skin and an awesome tan to go with an awesome body. We were both big flirts. Our song was Atlantic Starr’s Always. He was a football player and wrestler. His sister was one of my two best friends. The other one was a girl named Laura. He cheated on me with her, effectively ending our friendship. Later I forgave him and took him back. He would be the first and last guy I’d do that with. This also makes him my first heartbreak. We were just too volatile for each other in the end. To this day I hate that song.

First time: actually, it’s kind of sweet! It was hubby. I was 9 days from my 20th birthday. I’d decided long ago that I wasn’t going to rush sex. I wanted it to be something I wouldn’t look back on with regret. Too many of my friends were like that. I decided waiting till marriage would be unrealistic for me. So I decided I needed to wait for someone I was in love with.

First job: babysitting at 13 years old. She paid me $5 an hour. The kid’s name was Michael & he was my brother’s best friend.

What firsts do you remember? Do you look back on them with nostalgia?

Here’s an awesome song about firsts that could’ve been written for hubby and me.

For The First Time

50 thoughts on “First Time Sharing

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    fantastic song….real schmaltzy but I’m a sucker for schmaltz 🙂

    First dog I ever had : 1980 – a Shepherd named Boomer

    First love : A girl named Jacque… we grew up together and her brother was my best friend. I was 14. We moved an year later and that was the end of that.

    First kiss : Jacque again. Age 8

    First time : a barmaid (whose name I can’t recollect) in Marseilles in 1994

    First jump out of a plane : 1995 in Calvi, Corsica

    First (and only) time I pissed in my pants :Rwanda 1995

    First car : Ford Bronco 1999

    First heartbreak : Sri Lanka 2012


  2. Marie says:

    So many firsts in our lives huh? It’s amazing how that still continues on and sometimes it seems like there is a first every day! That’s what I love about life 🙂


  3. Don't Quote Lily says:

    You have an excellent memory! Or mine just sucks. I can’t remember two of my ex boyfriend’s full names, let alone describe them in detail. 😉
    I think that’s sweet that your hubby was your first time. 🙂 Same here with my current boyfriend, my first and only. I felt the same way, I didn’t want to regret the first time, but I also didn’t want to wait til I was married…haha. So 18 seemed like a good age. 😀


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      My sister would tell you that I’m usually the keeper of memories. It’s very similar with books. Rarely do I have to read things more than once. I think it’s sweet that your boyfriend was your first. 🙂


  4. Jane Sadek says:

    Like it a whole bunch that the first time was with hubby. Nice to know that still happens in this sexually liberated world! True liberation means you have the right to say no, too, but that get overlooked.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      LOL! You’re so right. Truly, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves about the pro-life/pro-choice debate. Believing a person has a right to choose is very different from believing that a person should have an abortion.

      Ok, stepping off the soapbox before I get all crazy. 😉


      • Jane Sadek says:

        One of my best friends is an elderly lady who tells it like it is. She’s short and square and has a voice that’s held on to its Jersey in spite of decades in Texas. I met her when she was the Minister to Women at a local church. Once a very earnest women’s libber asked, “But Vickie, don’t you think a woman should have a choice?” Her reply, “Of course I do! I just think she should exercise it before she gets in bed, not afterwards.”


  5. Natalie Hartford says:

    Awwwww…love it! I especially love how you waiting till you were in love for your first time and weren’t in a rush to rush sex. That’s is uberliciously fabulous. Warms my heart. I was more like your gal pals and had a lot of guilt and shame…so your story is extra beautiful to me.

    Great post. Gonna mark this down as an idea!! 🙂


  6. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Ohhh….I’m so happy I instigated this! So glad I could be your pusher down memory lane 🙂 okay, a first for me…well, my first “real” boyfriend was Mike at age 13 and we dated all the way up until my first year of college. Good times… But we outgrew each other.


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  8. jbw0123 says:

    Ha ha! $5 an hour for babysitting, first time out? This dates me. My first babysitting job: $.50 an hour. Kid you not. Of course, with inflation that’s probably about $50 an hour now.

    Fun post.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks! And you’re probably right about inflation. Who could afford a sitter at those high costs. And just so you know…$5 an hour back then was pretty high, too…but that is what they offered. I’d have been stupid not to accept. 🙂


  9. coastalmom says:

    You grabbed me on this one… I also am a sucker… What a great little schmaltzie post! I love it!
    First Best Friend…. Terri… still is…
    First Dog… Bridgette
    First Boyfriend… Chuck…
    First car….1978 Fiat
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.. I could go on and on…lol.


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