My Sexy Man Is One Tough Mudder


This is a pic of my very funny, very sweet hubby from our trip to the Bahamas back in May. As you can tell by the signs pointing in his direction, he’s as warped as I am. it works for us.

We always make sure to visit Señor Frog’s when we’re there. He loves going to that place! He’ll participate in the free shot limbo line, he’ll cheer on contestants in whatever convoluted drinking game the dj’s come up with…and he’ll always get one of their Piña Colada Yardsticks.

We really enjoy each other’s company, so this separation for work has been a bit difficult. Text messages and phone calls doesn’t quite cut it. I wouldn’t do anything differently…We have a friend that needs me. But I miss him like crazy.

This weekend hubby and some of our friends will be participating in an event called Tough Mudder and normally I’d be there to cheer him on. This is a pretty intense event from all I’ve seen. Check out the videos in that link. you’ll see what I mean. I can’t be there this time. I’m too far away. I know he’s going to kick butt, but I really wish I were there to see his success.

Only a little more than a year ago, he was significantly overweight. He is now down 170 lbs. he did it all naturally! Honestly, he never thought he’d be able to get down to this…he wasn’t this thin even in high school! but he did it! He decided it was time to get back into shape, so he modified his eating habits and started working out. He was driven. We did it together, and I’ve only lost 50 lbs, but I’mokay with that. I just keep pounding away. I’m so incredibly proud of his success, though, and feel like the event tomorrow is the culmination of all his hard work.

Well, even if I can’t be there in person I’ll be there in spirit. Help cheer him on with me! So, tell me, what things have you accomplished that surprised yourself? What accomplishments has your significant other…or maybe another family member achieved that made you sit back and say…WOW!?

Isn’t my hubby a hottie? 😉

16 thoughts on “My Sexy Man Is One Tough Mudder

  1. Don't Quote Lily says:

    Um, YES your hubby IS a hottie! And wow, good for him. And good for you! Losing weight isn’t easy. Which is dumb, cuz it’s so easy to gain! 😉 I’m sorry you won’t be there but I’m sure he knows you’re there in spirit. 😀


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      He does. This week has been hard. I’ve been missing him. I’ve got at least one more week to go. :-/ And you’re right about putting the weight on…way too easy. I hope he has a blast tomorrow. It’s gonna be seriously tough. Did you see those obstacles they go through?


  2. Loni says:

    Aww congrats to the both of you. That’s such an accomplishment. And good luck to the hubby tomorrow!!!
    Yes… you hubby is a hottie… don’t tell my hubby I said that! 😉


  3. Mae Clair says:

    Congrats to you both. Sounds like you are both committed to living a healthy lifestyle and to each other. Awwww! Cheering you both on, including your hubster in the mudder challenge!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks! He called to say he did well…would’ve been done 2 hours sooner if his teammates had been better prepared, but he became their scout…checking out each obstacle, then running back to report it. They said they’d train harder for next year, LOL!


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