Long Weeks, Obstacles And Overcoming


Yay! Hubby and friends completed the course. This is them, wet and sweaty and done. The redhead in the middle is one of my best friends. She is afraid of water…won’t even get into my pool. But she overcame her fear today and jumped the fifteen foot drop into a water obstacle and swam her way out, instead of going around it. Hubby was the guy who ran ahead, scouted the obstacles, then ran back to report them to the team. He probably was best conditioned for the job. Apparently what they say about Tough Mudder being addictive is absolutely true because the gang is already talking about getting better conditioned for next year so they won’t hold hubby back, LOL!


As for me…this is part of what I’ve been doing in El Paso. I have been entering inventory, helping set up the store and train the employees. There have been a few frustrating moments… Like when an employee unplugged the printer from the USB port on the computer, then got frustrated thinking it didn’t work…he didn’t know what he’d unplugged. Or when I told an employee we were short a Cat 5 cable to hook the video cameras up to the Internet for the owner to view the store remotely…only to find after nearly 24 man hours spent on the phone with set up and tech support that the reason we couldn’t connect was because a regular phone cable had been used and plugged in. To say my patience had been tried would be a mild understatement. And we’ve been slow because people didn’t know we were open.

The last couple of days, though, we’ve started to pick up speed. Today, Fan Connection El Paso had our first solid sales day. We even had our first crowd! Finally…Success!

So tonight, I’m relaxing at the bar at my hotel… I’m enjoying a cocktail, some good food and the double sided fireplace… And got to say thank you to Bill, a gentleman serving in the Army from my home state of Illinois. I pray for our troops daily…and thank them for doing what most of us can’t or won’t do.


I’m feeling happy, comfortable & accomplished. Now it’s time to write… What things made your day today? Or maybe it was something this week…. Did you run into any challenges? How did you handle them? What are your big plans for the evening or weekend?

23 thoughts on “Long Weeks, Obstacles And Overcoming

  1. Katie says:

    I did a mud run called Pretty Muddy this year, and I loved it! I was still getting my body used to running, so having the obstacles in between the running really helped me be able to run through the whole thing. It’s fun!


      • Katie says:

        I did it with two of my cousins and a few of their friends, but we didn’t have a team name or theme or anything. We decided to plan that out more next year! 😉


        • Kitt Crescendo says:

          Very cool. I know Tough Mudder was out by you guys back in Aug because a bunch of my friends did it. I think it was in Wisconsin. There is apparently a shorter one called Warrior Dash that some of my friends are doing, too.

          Funny side note? Hubby tells me last night on the phone, “Lovey, at the pace we were going, you could’ve done this race if you wanted to. Seriously.” He really hopes that they were serious about getting in better shape for next year…because he said if it hadn’t been for them, he’d have been done 2 hours earlier…LOL! He loved them enough to stay.


  2. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Congrats on all of the accomplishments! Glad to hear they are starting to pay off for your store too. We put up the Xmas decorations yesterday so my work for the weekend is done! Yay! Today…I write (if little man lets me).


  3. Good Morning, Joe says:

    What made my day today was coming home and seeing my boyfriend hanging out with his best friend. It makes me happy to know that he’s happy, and in the process thought about me (he cleaned the whole house!)


  4. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Wow congratulations on the sales! You are really doing it well, huh? As for me, you know what happened to my hair disaster. I am trying to get used to it now.


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