Claiming Christmas (with a little help from my friends)


No post yesterday…I know, bad of me. Usually I give warnings if I’m going to miss. Unfortunately, duty called. Anyway, still in El Paso, so I’m missing my family. As I sat at breakfast this morning, I started looking at pictures of Christmases past and thought I’d share. The above picture is my oldest girl, Isabella…she is such a tolerant girl. She sat with those antlers on her head so we could take pictures and didn’t even try to take them off.

You know who else is great? Hubby! For Christmas a couple years ago he got me this awesome holiday dish set so we could entertain friends and family in festive fun. He knows my entertainer spirit so well! Of course my friend, Natalie, has a hubby with some pretty interesting gift ideas, too!


On the subject of gifts, my buddy Marcia also has some great ideas on how to help our deficit & economic issues while shopping for the holidays. In fact, I’m taking her up on the challenge and trying it, myself! Care to join us?

As I sat in my hotel lobby, enjoying the fireplace and thinking about different holiday traditions over the years, I came across my friend, Mae’s post on Mythical Monday about Yule logs! It was like she was psychic and knew where I was while I was busy being homesick!


The thing is, usually hubby decorates the outside for Christmas and I decorate the inside….including putting up the tree. Well, he sent me a picture of outside…


And he told me that he’s already put up the tree, too, since we’re not sure how long I’ll be away from home. He even volunteered to write out the Christmas cards! He also mentioned something about baking Christmas cookies! I know it’s sweet, but part of me is a bit sad. To comfort myself, I’ve been looking at unique Christmas Tree Ideas for the book lover. It did help me to re-find my smile. Here’s a pic of our tree from Christmas past…


Now no one quite dressed the Christmas part like my grandpa…well, except maybe Santa! So, finding this old family picture from Christmas Eve a few years back (complete with my cousin’s dog and gramps’ oxygen tank) made me smile… This was one of our last Christmases before he passed away. Check out his snazzy red Christmas pants and sweater! Loved that!


The guy in the grey suit in the back row? That is my stepdad. He has gluten allergies. For Christmas last year I made him a gift box filled with home made GF treats…bread, chocolate brownies, peanut butter cookies. You get the idea. It was probably one of my favorite gifts to give, too! Like Amber from Journey Of Steps said…nothing replaces the good feelings associated with the true intentions of Christmas!

Now to add the final steps to ensure I don’t become a Christmas Curmudgeon, I need Christmas Carols, people! I need to know all of your favorites…so I can sing them to myself. So help a sister out! What is putting you in the Christmas spirit? What is your all time favorite Christmas song and why? What is the best gift you’ve ever given at Christmas and why? Because nothing makes me Christmas Cheery quite like singing Christmas music. Well, except maybe this adorable girl….


28 thoughts on “Claiming Christmas (with a little help from my friends)

  1. artisticmilestone says:

    Its always fun to reminisce about past Christmases, I really like the big snowman outside your house, must be nice close up. You have such a cool grandpa. Also, its very generous of you to take the time to make the special GF treats for your step dad. As for me, I love to bake gingerbread cookies at this time of the year, they always make everyone smile and feel the Christmas spirit 🙂


  2. Mae Clair says:

    LOVE the pics! Isabella is adorable, the holiday plate set rocks and the family photo is lovely. You’ve got me all wishy-washy with Christmasy thoughts, Kitt. Thanks for the link back to my blog and my yule log post.

    You asked a lot of questions, but I’ll go with the Christmas carol one. Some of my faves are Good King Wenceslas, I Saw Three Ships, The Little Drummer Boy and my all time fave – – Oh Holy Night. That one gives me goosebumps and can move me to tears!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Mae! Having bunches of questions was my way for everyone to have a question to choose from. 😉 Hubby LOVES The Little Drummer Boy…but for me…though I like all the songs you mentioned, I think OHoly Night Does it for me. Have you heard Tevin Campbell’s version of the song? Awesome!

      And yeah, my girl is adorable. If only I could get Ryka to sit still that long…LOL! You pretty much have to catch that pup by surprise.


  3. Marcia Richards says:

    Aw, great post, Kitt. Love you table setting. I’m an entertainer, too. When I was younger, I had so much cool stuff for the table and the house for every occasion. It’s just a natural part of some of us. Adorable pup and lovely tree and outdoor decorations. Awesome hubby to help you out, even though you’d rather do it yourself.

    Favorite Christmas song is “Santa Baby” followed all the other old traditional songs sung by Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, etc.


    • Kitt Crescendo says: entertaining and in music, I think I’ve found a sister…throw in some Elvis, Ella & Jackson 5…and a little Amy Grant and we have a party! Favorite new song is “I Need A Silent Night.” Favorite oldie is a toss up between “White Christmas” and “Silver Bells”.


  4. journeyman1977 says:

    Jingle bell rock is my favorite Christmas song and best present I ever gave was to my dad with money I saved up from my weekly allowance…I got him a cheap watch. He must’ve appreciated the gesture as he wore it despite having better ones 🙂

    P.s – love Isabella 🙂


  5. kerilady says:

    I love all the pics in this post and I might be a little envious of that dish set. 🙂 My favorite Christmas songs are “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”, “Santa Claus is coming to town” and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”. I couldn’t make my mind up which one I like the most. 🙂


  6. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Awesome pics! Your dog is so sweet! And hubby too! Lucky girl!

    My fave Christmas Carol is Jingle Bell Rock. Okay, it’s not so much a carol, but my son sang it at a very early age and it was too cute. Powerful Xmas songs are my faves too, like Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      There aren’t many things cuter than a little one running around singing carols at the top of their lungs…it just oozes Christmas spirit. 🙂 I love songs like Silent Night, too. In fact Grandpa of the red outfit pic used to get a kick out of us singing it in German as that’s here his roots were from…of course he was born in the US, but that’s how his mother taught him the song. 🙂


  7. Natalie Hartford says:

    Wonderful post Kitt. So nice to look back and remember the good times. And it’s amazing that your hubby has been puttering along at the list of things to get done while you are away. I get it that it sucks a little too but nice that he’s so on the BALL! Love the outdoor lights…gorgeous!!!
    Thank you for an uber shout out to Hubby’s Xmas post…he was tickled PINK to hear that someone linked to his post…hahaha…made his Christmas season my friend! xox


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      LOL! Glad I could help…and he really has the market on racy Christmas ideas cornered. 🙂

      As for my own hubby? Yes, he’s on it! He even baked peppermint cloud Christmas cookies while I was gone. 🙂


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