Radar Love…Or Broken Detectors

This week, I came to a realization…somewhere, somehow…I lost my edge! Either that or they grow El Paso men differently…and I don’t think that’s it.

In my wilder days, before I settled down, I was a bit of a player. Not that I was promiscuous. I wasn’t. I just dated. A. LOT. Most boyfriends rarely got past the 2 month mark. My family attributed this to my love of a pretty face/body battling my need for an intelligent man. Most of my boyfriends back then were blessed with one, not the other. Care to guess which? LOL!

Anyway, I have always been pretty perceptive about when a guy is attracted to me. Part of it is because I usually read people pretty well, but the other part is all those years of being a bad girl. Now that I keep my bad girl side reserved for hubby, apparently my my skills have suffered.

Don’t get me wrong…I still recognize when a guy looks at me, attracted. And I can still read the flirting… Where I’ve totally lost it is reading when someone is going to ask me out. Honestly, I don’t like hurting or embarrassing people, so if I sense it coming on, I will casually drop a “my husband likes” or a “my boyfriend says” into the conversation…always have (hence the my boyfriend reference).

So here’s what has me concerned about my skills. The sports bar next to the store I helped open is still under construction. Their employees have been coming in and out during breaks, buying our merchandise. So when one of the guys came in looking at hats, I thought nothing of it. I built rapport. He mentioned his mom had been at a game recently, and that she’d been wearing this awesome hat that had everyone asking her where she’d gotten them. I mentioned that if they were that popular, it may be something the owner might consider carrying in our store. I asked him to forward the picture to me. He did.

He was working on finding out who designed the hats for her and promised to get back to me. About an hour later he messaged me realizing we didn’t even know each other’s name and gave me his first name. I returned the courtesy and gave him my first name. He said he liked it. I get that a lot, so I let it roll off. Later, though, when he made the comment about me being so nice and other little innocuous things, I started to realize he was lightly flirting. I was amused.

As my relief came in, I told him to keep two of the caps aside for this customer. I mentioned that I thought he was flirting a little bit…and here’s how that convo went.

Me: Oh, my! I think he’s hitting on me a little!
Robert: You said he’s been texting you all afternoon. Of course he’s flirting!
Me: Awww. Well, that’s sweet. Kind of flattering.
Robert: He’s gonna ask you out tonight, mark my words!
Me: What! You’re crazy. He doesn’t even know me. We only talked for a few minutes. About the Cowboys.
Robert: You don’t know El Paso guys. He’s gonna ask you out.
Me: Nuh Uh! We’ve only talked a day. No way.
Robert: We’ll see.

And as I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, he asked me out. I had to text Robert back and tell him he was right & I was wrong. Do you know how much being wrong irks me? LOL!

I guess I never considered it as a possibility because it hasn’t happened in so often… Rarely am I without hubby at my side.

My lesson? Get to losing the last bit of weight on my plan so that we can get our rings re-sized and I can start wearing them again. It leaves less to chance.

For those of you wondering…of course I said no, but I let him down gently enough that he came back to buy those hats. And now I have one more new friend. 😉

Am I the only one who had special talents that seem to have gotten weaker with age and maturity? I can’t be… What are yours? Or when was the last time something or someone snuck under your radar?

46 thoughts on “Radar Love…Or Broken Detectors

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      They were definitely fun to play with as long as you didn’t take them too seriously and they knew you could take them or leave them. They tended to respect that more than the girls that typically fell all over them.


  1. viveka says:

    If it was me … I would have gone out with him – if nobody else in my life.
    We hardly know each other after a couple of hours in a bar or .. club neither and still we go out with guys we met under those circumstances.
    We girls have to kiss many frogs before we … find our prince .. I’m still kissing frogs. *smile


  2. Jane Sadek says:

    My husband is the funny one. He’s a bit of a flirt. He has no intention of doing anything beyond brightening someone’s day, but if someone flirts back, he runs home wild-eyed and scared!


  3. A Writer Inspired says:

    I think my detector is broken too. Normally, I’m real good about NOT giving out my number to guys who I have no intention of continuing the conversation or talking to later. While my guard was down someone got through. It was harmless, my number was changing in a couple of days and I said so. I guess I didn’t really think he was that interested but he called me and sent me texts for a couple of days before I realized my big mistake. Oops..*putting guard back up and firmly in place.* Great post!


  4. radaronelson says:

    Okay wait a minute. And for those wondering yes my name is Robert. Now back to my thought. I so don’t remember this conversation. Was I high? Drunk? Was I in that blissful coma after just getting laid? Hmmmmm


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