Complimentary Insults?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of something that sounded like an insult only to realize that it was meant as a compliment? A gal pal and I were talking about that today.

Remember the guy I talked about last week? Well, the story didn’t completely end there. Here’s how our “I’m married” conversation went:

Him: It’s too bad I met you now that you’re getting ready to leave!
Me: Aww, you’re sweet.
Him: So would you like to hang out before you go? I’d like to take you to dinner or buy you a drink or something.
Me: It’s nice of you to ask, but I’m married.
Him: Like newly married or MARRIED married?
Me: Like married to my best friend married.
Him: It figures. All the good ones are. You’re just so pretty and have a big ass. I like the way you look

For two seconds I was all…did he really just tell me I have a big ass? How rude! Then I realized he likes the J-Lo booty types…and he meant it as a compliment. Fortunately I was able to process it before I responded with “Thanks!”

Then I started thinking to other compliments that could be misread as insults that I’ve either heard in songs or seen on tv shows and movies, etc.

“Girl, you’re so thick…You fill out that outfit so well!”

“You’ve got some big lips! Mmmm!”

“Look at those muscles…You look like you could do some damage to a man.”

You get my drift… For whatever reason, I’m finding this whole line of “compliments” to be hilarious. What “compliments” have you been given that could be misrepresented as insults?

Now I have to hit the treadmill…LMAO!

12 thoughts on “Complimentary Insults?

  1. viveka says:

    Kitt, you know that beauty sits with the observer. I have done the same blunder myself .. many times – wanted to give a compliant and it has come as an insult. I have also got insults that sound like compliments. Quite funny.. when everything has come down around the damage. ‘
    A post about compliment –


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      You know, Wivi, I’ve learned to have a thick skin…and to think about what the other person has said contextually before reacting. Oddly enough, you’re right…there are plenty of times that had I not done that I might have overreacted to a compliment…or worse, thought I was being complimented when insulted….

      The ones others have considered insults that I haven’t quite seen that way?
      “You’re so tenacious!” or “You just seem to driven.”

      LOL! My translation has always been…the party who thinks this is an insult 1. doesn’t know me very well. 2. are probably pretty lazy. 3. rarely gets what they want. 😀


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