Define Sexy….

Confession time…

I have sexy men on the brain. Okay, let me clarify…It’s not so much sexy men as what makes men sexy to me. I’ve been thinking about a project I’m working on. Then someone had to Tweet something on Twitter that had me doing this:


Who could distract me from my work?

Why Alex O’Laughlin, of course! He’s hot as a vamp…even hotter as 5-O… He has a bad boy streak that I find incredibly appealing.

So what makes men attractive to me? A bit of a bad boy streak…(That should be obvious). Intelligence. A sense of humor. And a bit of unexpected chivalry.

The truth is… I can kick ass all by myself. I find it sexy when men acknowledge that and let women fight their own battles…but are on stand by…just in case she decides she needs to tag him in.  Like Christian Kane’s Eliot Spencer… Yum! He trusts the women on his team to handle their part and tag him in as needed. Oh, and he can sing…and play guitar…and cook!

Then there’s the man that can write…sing…and can tickle my ivories anytime. Like Phil Vassar.

And then there’s raw physicality…(Combined with humor…it’s lethal for me…) So of course, I have a mad crush on Triple H!

What characteristics make a person sexy to you? (Hey it’s only fair that after I did my Girl Crushes segment that I gave my men equal time.)

27 thoughts on “Define Sexy….

  1. viveka says:

    What make a man sexy … sometimes money and power can make a man very sexy … but he has to have loads of good sense of humor – and he has that twinkle in his eye … and that generous smile.
    Mr Big … in Sex and the City … is a sexy man. Done a little blog about sexy men too.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      See, money for me has never been something that I’ve found sexy or unsexy. The ability and intelligence to use it? Yes.
      Does that mean I’d be into a leech? Absolutely not. But I’ve found that sometimes money can muddy the waters and hides the true person within. If it came down to someone writing a song for me or someone buying me a diamond tennis bracelet…I’d take the song every time. 🙂
      Then again, I know I can earn my own money… (But sometimes I think that’s a generational thing). I know a lot of women who equate money to good providers. Then again, I know a lot of good providers who are absentee husbands and parents.


  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Okay, Kitt – You asked for it – give me a sensual man, one that sits tall in the saddle. He must be intelligent and keep up in every conversation from world politics to the latest in literature and art. He must be funny and witty all combined and fast with come-backs. He must love the best in fine clothes and appreciate the pull of a silk tee-shirt and cashmere sweaters along with tailored made for him suits. There’s nothing polyester in our closets. But, bottom line–it’s not all about having a man look as though he’s stepped out of GQ – he’s sensitive and romantic and an artist and treats me as though I’m the greatest gift he’s ever received. And, oh, did I mention he loves ballroom dancing. I waited until my late 30s to find my sensual man – but trust me, it was more than worth the wait.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Very well said! And I think it’s very sexy that your man can ballroom dance, too! I’m glad I waited for mine, too. That deep understanding of you is worth so much more than money or looks could ever give…isn’t it?


  3. Jessi Gage says:

    I rush on blue-collar rough-around-theedges guys who work hard and want to come home to a good woman and play hard once the kids are in bed. Sigh. Getting myself all worked up over here just thinking about it:)


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I know that type…and yup! Very sexy when they’re rough around the edges…especially when all it takes is a good woman to polish those edges. Those are definitely work hard, play harder guys. Yum!


  4. datinginvegas says:

    LOVE this topic. I find a variety of men sexy. Give me a VP that dresses in a three piece suite and then puts on jeans and rides a motorcyce on the weekend? At the end of the day, I find it sexy when a man takes charge and respectfully doesn’t let me run all over him. One that is sensitive enough to let me think I am in control but he’s really driving. One that opens doors, and pays the bill and listens well. I think you call men like that a rumor 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Nah… Just illusive. That kind of man may be an endangered species, but I suspect we made him that way.

      Women can be pretty brutal, too…with the lies and manipulations. I think it causes men like this to withdraw themselves until they find a worthy woman.


  5. journeyman1977 says:

    having a good laugh at the first comment here….money and power? so does that make one of those pot bellied arab dictators ….sexy? that’s sad.


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