Adding A Third?

So most of you who follow my blog regularly know I have a good girl side and a racy one…and when the Lil Ms. Naughty comes out to play it always gets interesting… Well, thanks to a conversation with a friend at dinner tonight, she’s back!

First…have you guys noticed that it always seems that the more “interesting” conversations rarely happen in the privacy of your home, but when you’re out somewhere? I have…and apparently I’m not the only one. Our friend was telling us about a conversation he’d had with his wife recently (she’s also a good friend). They were out at one of those popular steakhouse franchise establishments. You know the kind I mean…the ones that are always jam packed on a Friday or Saturday night because it’s date night and their prices are not completely unreasonable.

Anyway…while sitting at dinner, the topic turned to threesomes. First, they’ve been considering spicing up their playtime with another party, again. Like a few of you on here, they’ve already done the M/M/F combo…so it’s her turn. Apparently, another of their friends invited them to check out a swingers place up in another state…and instead of turning it down outright or something to that extent, my female friend asked the guy if his new bride knew about this “swinger party”. While she relayed this convo to her husband, he turned to her and the following conversation ensued…smack dab in the middle of this very busy restaurant.

Him: You didn’t tell him no, so what are we talking here?

Her: What do you mean?

Him: Well, are you talking about M/M/F or M/F/F?

Her: What does that mean?

Him: Seriously? With all the books you read, you don’t know the acronyms? Google it when we get home…

Her: (Pulling out her smart phone) OHHHHH! A girl this time.

Him: Do you have anyone in mind? I guess we can mention it to my former admin.

Her: Nah, she’s not my type.

At this point he pauses in the story and says to us, “Well, in her defense, I think it may be because they’re too much alike…physically speaking. Both are about the same height, big breasts, white. She may feel like it’s doing herself.” And then he goes back into their conversation.

Him: What IS your type?

Her: You know XYZ (Name protected by me…since people we both know read this…and in case they’re clever enough to put 2 and 2 together) that I used to work with?

Him: The tiny little Asian hottie?

Her: Yeah…she’s more my type…except I think she may be back with her psycho girlfriend…and I want nothing to do with that.

Then my friend says…”I seriously doubt it’ll happen, though.”

I glanced over at him, “Because of you or her?”

“Both, really,” he shrugged.

Laughing, I smirked, “Yeah, you’re both the jealous type…may not be such a good idea, especially with a friend. Heck, you guys should know.”

He nodded, “True. Although, oddly enough, that didn’t turn out to be a problem last time.”

Yeah, we have some pretty open conversations about sex with our friends… Oddly enough, this is not an uncommon vein of conversation. (Nor was the talk about having sex with women while on their periods and whether or not it was gross…because apparently this had become a topic on one of the local radio stations that had been reading bits of the Shades Of Grey series. The general consensus from women was that it was hot…while the men thought it was not.)

Now back to threesomes… Have you ever considered it (either privately in your fantasy world or with your partner)? Or maybe you’ve already HAD a threesome (aren’t you the naughty one. ;-)). If you were to consider it, would you rather it be with someone you know? A friend or an acquaintance? Or would you prefer a stranger? Why?

Here are my thoughts. Someone you know personally could get messy. They could get attached…or want to repeat it which could ruin the friendship. Of course a stranger brings a whole different kind of risk…including of the medical variety. Either way, I question the wisdom of doing any of this sort of thing if you’re the jealous and/or possessive type…it could be the beginning of the end.

Weigh in… What are your thoughts? (On Any of the things I’ve mentioned) You know how much I love hearing from you guys!

27 thoughts on “Adding A Third?

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Ok the last time you asked for feed back I was the first so I might a well continue the trend.
    1. Yes, f/f/m 1GF 1BF one hell of a amazing time. A little red faced the next morning/afternoon but years later all is still well.
    2. Yes, f/f/m very good acquaintances
    Better than # 1( kinda) less emotion, more passion on multiple occasions never any regret a very mutually beneficial arrangement.


  2. radaronelson says:

    We have, m/m/f and it was someone we knew. We are trying to find a female now for a f/f/m but everyone who wants to do that with us lives in a different state then us. We can’t seem to find someone around where we live. We would prefer it be someone we know.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Ok, so I have a different question for you… Or maybe Shannon. Would she rather have the F/F/M with a woman who is more hetero or lesbian? And do you have a preference? I am pretty sure the other appeal of the girl she mentioned is that she is a lesbian, thus wouldn’t be worried that this girl would try to put moves on her man.


      • radaronelson says:

        I believe she would prefer them to be hetero or bi. I don’t think she is worried to much about them putting moves on me if we are close friends and know them. She would worry more about that if we didn’t know the person. Me personally I don’t have a preference but I would imagine if they are straight lesbian then all the attention is going to be on her and the point is to have the attention shared between us.


  3. viveka says:

    I’m happy with … one on one … that keeps me busy enough … but I think I could enjoy F/M/M – quite fancy that idea. Knowing what one man can do .. with me .. two must be able do it even better.


  4. MisBehaved Woman says:

    Group play is fun but if hubby & I were to play with others, they would have to be strangers and it would be a one-time deal. We’ve discussed it at length and the few friendships we have would not be worth risking by blurring the boundaries and lines that have held those relationships in place for so long. Anonymous players…oh yea, without doubt. We just have to wait until we are out of town…small towns, big mouths…ya know? 😉


  5. Loni says:

    Oh Kitt… you and your sassy post! I love’em!
    Oh boy, I don’t think I’m secure enough in myself to do any of that. Hell, one on one is a struggle sometimes. BUT, the fantasy of m/m/f does sound quite tempting… especially with the right combo of men! Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine the goodness HAHA! Oh and it would have to be stranger, because it would get too weird with people I knew. Hypothetically speaking, of course….


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