Sexy Older Men? Yes, Please!

A couple weeks ago, my buddy Robert  challenged me to go back to the beginning of the blogs I liked and read…he suggested that I would more than likely find something I enjoyed but missed! I thought it was a great idea.

One of those gem-tastic moments happened when I was looking through Shannon’s blog and came across her tribute to Michael Caine.  You see, she has a thing for older men. The fact that he’s titled…”Sir Michael Caine “ and wealthy doesn’t hurt his cause, either. Here was my sticking point, though…she thinks he’s HANDSOME!!! Now don’t get me wrong…he’s not ugly. In fact, he’s quite distinguished…and a phenomenal actor. I’ve loved him in movies such as Noises Off!, Batman The Dark Knight and Miss Congeniality.

She loved him in Blame It On Rio…LOL! I think it might have been some of her adolescent fantasies come to light. The whole thing got me thinking, though… She definitely had a particular man in mind when she thought sexy older men… So what do I consider sexy in an older man… ?

Today I’m putting together my list of sexy men over 50…and in no particular order.

There is something very sexy to me about Robert Redford…I thought so when I saw him in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid…confirmed it when I saw him in The Great Gatsby. He sealed the deal for me in Indecent Proposal. I always thought Demi made a mistake in the movie when she went back to Woody Harrelson’s character. For me, the man oozes confidence, sex appeal…and looks amazing in a suit.

Next is Sean Connery. Oddly enough, when he was younger I thought he was an ugly, hairy gorilla. My favorite Bond was Roger Moore…back then. But this man aged well…and his accent is sexy as hell! Yummy! (Oh, and Shannon, he has a Sir attached to his name, too…LOL!)

What is not to love about Pierce Brosnan? I’ve found the man to be dead sexy since the first time I laid eyes on him…back when he was Remington Steele…and he just gets sexier with every year!

I couldn’t believe it when I read that Viggo Mortensen was over 50. There is something so arresting about his face…and his eyes. He exudes raw energy and passion… I find him to be extremely, compellingly sexy.

There is something about Dennis Quaid’s smile and the look in his eyes that just does it for me. There is such warmth in that lived in face…How could I not include him?

Michael Douglas has done it for me since Basic Instinct…then blew my mind in The American President. Very, very sexy!

Who would make your top 5 sexy older men list? What characteristics make them sexy to you?

Also…an honorable mention go to the following actors/singers….Harrison Ford, Sting, Ed Harris, Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell & Richard Gere…

Funny…I used to say “Older men make great playmates, younger men make great playthings.” I don’t think this list has changed my mind on that subject at all…LOL!

59 thoughts on “Sexy Older Men? Yes, Please!

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Ooo, good one, Kitt! Sean Connery would definitely be on my list as would Viggo…although I don’t really consider over 50 old. Probably my perspective, LOL. If we’re counting 50ish in the group, then my #1 would be Robert Carlyle. I’m completely gone on him in Once Upon a Time!


  2. Shannygirl says:

    FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Michael has always done it for me.. Sean Connery is also rather nice to look at, and I totally agree w/ you on he looks better now then 20 years ago!!! I love that you think Roger Moore was the best bond because I’ve said that a hundred times and no one agree’s with me! So yaya.. now I have someone who does!!! What do you think of Kirk Russel? This is an awesome post!


  3. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Kitt – The men you’ve selected are just plain sexy in an honest kind of way. Now, considering I’m several years older than you, I laugh that our tastes are similiar. The man absolutely has to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation and the majority of your picks are savvy about world affairs, global warming, etc. When I was younger I always went for the older man, as in 20 or so years older than me. Now I pretty much like the equality of age factored in. It means we’ve experienced similiar cultural movements, life changes and all that goes with them. Great post, as alwas.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Why, thank you, Sheri! And you’re right. None of the men I selected are simply “pretty faces”. I find intelligence to be incredibly sexy…and usually the difference maker in those actors that are flash in the pan v. Those with life long careers.


  4. viveka says:

    Sir Michael Cain has the sexiest voice and dialect too. Your list covers most attractive older men, men in my age. But you forgotten George Clooney, he are on top my list. Viggo Mortensen is a hot man – especially in the movie ”Eastern Promises” I have always fond Ben Jonson, to find an older sexy man for me will be hard – not much sexiness around when they are 85 and over *smile Great post !!!


  5. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Where do I start considering these sexy older men are around my age – well some of them at least so I can’t really classify them as old lol.
    George Clooney, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Connery, Paul Newman, Richard Gere, Johnny Depp, Kevin Costner, Antonia Banderas…Ok I have to stop because you said 5 (& I’ve surpassed that – that’s what happens as you age your list also get longer)

    1. The smile- seductive -alluring and generally being such a ‘nice guy’ (alas only from what I’ve read I haven’t had the pleasure).
    2. Ruggedness -inner sex appeal – inner sex appeal without having to brandish it ( and nice guy).
    3. The voice – the eyes (and a nice guy).
    4. The eyes – OMG the eyes (and a nice guy).
    5. The smile – the oh swoon – just about everything.
    6. Everything- just oozes sex like yolk dripping from an egg!
    7. The eyes – the smile.
    8. The swarthiness – the voice – the dancer.

    Ahh let’s hear it for the sexy men – young or old dammit you have one our hearts one way or another, 🙂 Hmm seems I’m an eyes and smile kinda gal 😉
    Loved this post Kitt – Thank you 🙂 Again sorry for going overboard 😦


  6. Karen M. Hanks (@KarenMHanks) says:

    I completely agree with your choice of Viggo. Have you seen him in Eastern Promises? He’s a bad ass with a good heart…how yummy is that?!

    To round off my top 5 I would also have to add Robert Downey Jr., Ray Stevenson, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig. I clearly have a thing for bad boys.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Love badasses with good hearts. Downey, Jr is definitely awesome…as are the other gentlemen you mentioned. The only reason they were not mentioned was because for this exercise I limited myself to the 50+ set. 🙂


  7. wordsurfer says:

    I love your list! Also, there are some men that seem to get more handsome and sexier the older they get. At least, up to a certain point, then it curves downwards again. 🙂
    I used to only fancy guys who were quite a bit older. Through the years that age group has sort of stayed, so now I’m around my own age +. I wonder if I will end up fancying younger men in the future. 😉


  8. Kristy K. James...Where Romance and Fantasy Collide says:

    I never could understand why people thought Sean Connery was sexy as James Bond. I thought he was homely back then. Today…wow. He is sexier than heck and I LOVE to hear him talk.

    Bruce Willis would also make my list (LOVE his smile and attitude). Jon Bon Jovi and Liam Neeson (be still my heart!). And since he just turned fifty, you know RDJ is making this list!

    Okay. Now I have to go watch the Who Says You Can’t Go Home video. Again… 😀

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