Alternative Explanation For The Immaculate Conception?

Happy New Year Everyone! First, I hope that this year brings you many successes, much joy and keeps you and your families healthy and happy.

Now as you guys are well aware, sometimes my blog takes on a very conversational tone. I enjoy talking to you guys, telling you stories…going back and forth on random topics. Because of that I want to share with you guys what happened last night.

My wonderfully awesome and supportive sister and her equally cool husband weren’t able to fly into town for Christmas this year, so they flew into town yesterday instead. Our plans were to have a mostly mellow, relaxing night with a few friends. I’d invited my best girl friend and her husband as well as my best guy friend and his boyfriend. Hubby and I decided that we would do a fondue and board game party! I had my electric fondue pot that I’d received several years ago and had added a chocolate/cheese fountain to my growing collection of kitchen fun this Christmas. We were looking forward to trying it out. My bestie brought her fondue set, too. This meant we could have 1 for cheese, 1 for broth (meats & potatoes) and 1 for chocolate (my brand new fountain).

As we’re setting up, hubby turns to my sister and the following conversation ensues:

Hubby: Sissy, it’s too bad you weren’t here for Christmas. You missed the flying singing lady at your sister’s church.

Sis: I heard!

Hubby: You could’ve sat beside me and enjoyed the show.

Sis: No, I wouldn’t have. I would’ve gotten drafted to sing.

Hubby: Not if you didn’t want to!

Sis: I’ve sung with them before.

Hubby: Oh, yeah…you would’ve. Oh well. So did your sister tell you the other story?

Sis: What story?

Hubby: The fact that she almost lost it in church that night because she’s got a dirty mind?

Sis: No….

Hubby: It was bad.

(At this point I interrupt to defend myself)

Me: Hey! I managed to keep it together.

Sis: What happened?

Me: Well, one of the older ladies was reading the scriptures leading up to Christ’s birth and she made a teeny tiny mistake…

Hubby: (snickering) It really was just one or maybe two words off!

Sis: (looking from me to hubby as we try to choke back our laughter) So what did she say?

Me: Well, she was reading the part where “an angel of the Lord appeared to Mary”

Sis: Yeah?

Me: Well, she got to the part about the Holy Spirit….(rolling on laughter and unable to continue)

Hubby: (watches me and shakes his head) Yeah…the lady is being so serious reading the scripture, your sister is up at the front of the church facing all the guests when the lady says “The Holy Spirit came on her.”

Me: (crying with laughter all over again) It probably was supposed to be came into…no those all sound bad, too. Oh…I think it was supposed to be came unto. Either way…that’s not what she said. And I couldn’t help it!

Sis: (chokes back her own laughter) Oh, God!

Hubby: Yeah…it was bad. I’m sitting in the pew looking up front and your sister gets this look in her eye and I had to look away or start cracking up myself. I started reciting sport stats in my head and looking at my feet.

Me: Hey! I didn’t actually laugh…and I was able to school my face pretty well.

Hubby: That’s true, but if people really know you…they’d have seen how hard you were laughing on the inside.

Sis: Thank GOD I wasn’t there…one look at her face and I would’ve lost it and had to walk out of church in the middle of the service.

Me: Well, guys…if you think about it…it explains so much!

Sis: What do you mean?

Me: “The Holy Ghost came on her.” (nods) Totally explains the Immaculate Conception

They both start rolling with laughter…

Hubby: (looking at me and shaking his head) You are not right.

Sis: You totally need to blog this story.

I can’t be the only person who hears accidentally dirty things at the most inappropriate places or inopportune times. Please help me not feel like I’m going to hell for finding this hilarious. Tell me some of YOUR stories! The difference one word can make….

38 thoughts on “Alternative Explanation For The Immaculate Conception?

  1. radaronelson says:

    I hear them in every conversation I either have or hear. So your not alone. Then again it could be just my dirty mind making them accidental dirty things but I prefer to say it was the other persons fault for saying it not me for thinking it.


  2. Jessi Gage says:

    You are not alone. I don’t have a story as awesome as yours, but I’ve been there too:)
    “That’s true, but if people really know you…they’d have seen how hard you were laughing on the inside.”–love this! I can so see it–even though I don’t know what you look like;-) It’s great that your hubby gets you so well!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Yeah… I think so, too. Funny thing is, as it was being said I was looking straight ahead. After, I couldn’t resist the glance at him…it was when he looked at me that it registered in his head exactly what she said. He looked away very quickly. 😀


  3. Loni says:

    LMAO!!!! Ooo Kitt you crack me up!! That was a good laugh. You are SO not alone in this. I must have a dirty mind too because I hear what I want to hear sometimes too. LOL


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