David Foster Touched Me…No, Not Literally!

I’m having a musical moment again…shocker, right? Not….LOL!

What kind of musical moment have I been having? Well, the last few days I found myself on YouTube doing searches for some favorite songs of mine. I realized I must have been feeling nostalgic…but there was a theme. Many of the songs I was looking up were from one of my all time favorite composers…David Foster!

So you’re probably asking…who the heck is that guy and why should I care, right? Well, that guy has done some of the best, most memorable movie scores. In fact, initially I thought I’d do a top 5 soundtracks post…but then I thought…let me show you guys  a bit about what makes David Foster so amazing…

For example…many of you are familiar with the Love Theme to St Elmo’s Fire…and the instrumental version is amazing…but I love the words that go with it.

There is also The Prayer…and although this particular singing of it isn’t my favorite…I love this piece because he talked about composing it. It’s funny how similar composing music and writing a book/story can be. Listen to what he says and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. (Plus, Katherine Jenkins does have an amazing voice!)

Remember Casper…when he whispered “Can I keep you?” Loved that movie…and the song David Foster wrote…sung by Jordan Hill (a completely underrated talent). By the way, she also sang the duet my hubby and I danced to on our wedding day…so I truly do have a soft spot for her and the amazing talent she has.

He also wrote this amazing song from Pretty Woman, sung by Peter Cetera of Chicago. Are you surprised yet?

He even wrote the Whitney Houston hit “I Have Nothing” from the movie The Bodyguard. What’s especially cool about a guy like him is that he pays it forward…by discovering and promoting new talents… Can you imagine being given an opportunity the way this lovely young girl, Charice, just got?

My ultimate favorite, though, is one from the movie Stealing Home. David Foster sings this one with Marilyn Martin. Something about it reminds me of the sweet nostalgia of first loves and first times…

Can you imagine that kind of talent and passion? Did any of those songs bring back thoughts or memories for you? I know for me, tons of images come flooding back. Do you have a particular artist or writer or composer who has touched you deeply and never let go? If I ever get a chance, I would love to go to a David Foster event…I think I’m going to put it on my bucket list…he’s just incredible!


27 thoughts on “David Foster Touched Me…No, Not Literally!

  1. viveka says:

    David Foster … has worked a lot with Michael Buble .. Josh Groban and Celine Dion too or ???
    Have watched him on you tube – and seems to be a very nice and genuine man.
    I didn’t know he wrote film scores too. My favorite Hollywood composer is Hans Zimmer.


  2. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    You’ve done it again, Kitt. David Foster is one of my all time favorites. His talents know no bounds and he has an instinctive gift for showcasing new talent and nurturing it into stardom without destroying the individual in the process. I noted you are considering a David Foster concert for your bucket list. You’ll be enraptured the entire time. Our local PBS station will show one of his past concerts as a money raising benefit and then offer a limited number of premium seats for his next concert (which may be within driving distance, or not). The only way to get the tickets is to go through the PBS station – but it’s worth every penny. BTW – I’ve listened to the soundtrack from Stealing Home for days on end when I get into a certain mood.


      • sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

        Tonight I watched a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch performed at the Lincoln Center (without commercial interruption). I bet PBS will show it again. The show was planned before he passed away. I had no idea that he had his number 1 hit at age 17. If you scan PBS for several days, you’ll find listings called ‘Great Performances’ or ‘Concert Series’ and the heading won’t tell you who is performing. I’ve found it always pays to check it out. I set up recordings a month in advance.


  3. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Totally loved all of them so thank you Kitt! 🙂 Music is so much ‘in’ me I put on music when I write..the music creates my mood. I hadn’t seen the clip Stealing Home…but you know that tingling warm and fuzzy you feel in your head..your face…I got it..so thank you awww. 🙂


  4. Mae Clair says:

    I remember a few of these with fondness. It’s amazing what music does and how it touches our souls, resurrecting memories like flotsam pulled from dreams. Nice post, Kitt!


  5. wordsurfer says:

    Shame on me… I didn’t even know the name. As for artists that have never let me go, it’s Leonard Cohen. I was fascinated by “Famous Blue Raincoat” even before I could understand the lyrics and I think I played “Songs of Love and Hate” more than any other album in my Dad’s vinyl collection. After I had learned enough English to understand the lyrics, I loved him even more and when I had grown up enough to understand the layers behind the words, I was an irrevocable addict to his music and his writing. 🙂


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