You look right through me,
the ghost,
turning away.
I have become
invisible to you.
I reach out,
Praying you’ll notice
how I ache
for a gentle word,
a soft caress
that says
“You’re beautiful to me.”

I beg you to hear me,
just once,
look my way!
Wishing you’d see the heart
I laid bare for you.
The walls
you built to make our house
left me
on the outside,
The stranger at the door
waiting for my invitation
or a simple
“Welcome home.”

We used to be great together,
equal partners; a team.
Now I’m just
the babysitter
who bore your children,
and warms your bed.
You don’t reach out
across our chasm
in dark of night.
You turn away,
my lonely heart aching
“I love you.”

How much longer
can I battle
for our life without your help?
The woman I am
slipping further away.
You haven’t even noticed
how your cold shoulder
erodes my confidence:
saps my strength.
I’ve given you
all I have.
The only thing left

I am in a very happy, healthy relationship. I’m lucky. My husband loves me and doesn’t, not even for one second, take me for granted. He treats me with love and respect. We are a team…true partners. Sometimes, talking to some friends, I almost feel guilty talking about him because I know how very different their relationships are.

One friend in particular comes to mind. Her marriage is in trouble. She has been fighting her butt off to try to save it. She’s a great parent. She’s given up so much for him…to try to make a home for him, to help him build the career he wants, to support him. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a two way street. Every time she thinks she’s making a breakthrough, he pulls the rug out from under her…breaking her heart all over again.

Truth is, if she didn’t love him, she’d have walked away a long time ago… Instead, she’s like Don Quixote…battling windmills. I watch as this vibrant, strong woman becomes reduced to tears of frustration…trying to find another way to stay in a love she’s beginning to feel is one sided. I watch her digging deep, trying to hold on to the powerful, intelligent, wonderful person that the rest of us see…but feeling like she’s shattering inside, her essence corroding away.

It sucks to be the bystander, unable to do anything to help but listen and support. Today I asked her…”How much are you expected to take?” Her answer was, “I don’t know.” Sadly, he’s of the school that believes if you ignore it, the problem isn’t there. It definitely doesn’t help.

So what happens when you get pushed back against a wall and you run out of options? When you run out of reasons to fight? More importantly, when you see your friend devastated and your heart is breaking for them…what do you do? I did the only thing I think I can… listened and offered support. I wish I could do more.

31 thoughts on “Haunted

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Mine, too… Sadly, I think way too many people find themselves in a one-sided fight for their relationship…which I think totally sucks. Marriage takes a lot of work…but both parties have to be willing to put in the work.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Yeah. Us, too. What bothers me most is that it seems like people have forgotten…to make a marriage work you may sometimes fight with each other…but you must fight FOR each other if you stand a chance of making it. Marriage is not easy…or for wimps. It’s not always all sunshine and light, but it’s worthwhile!


  1. Jessi Gage says:


    Prayers going out to your friend. I’m a big believer in giving a marriage all you have. It’s a vow you made. Even if you were younger, stupider, the vow still means something. Even if the other person isn’t holding up his end of the bargain, the vow still means something.

    That said, it can be very lonely and hard. It can feel unfair. Heck, it IS unfair. There are no easy answers in a situation like this, but even bad situations can be redeemed for good. I’ll pray for wisdom, perseverence, and a miracle.


  2. i mayfly says:

    Your listening, without counseling or judging, is the purest element of friendship IMHO. Unconditional love and acceptance on your behalf. What more could a friend wish for? -Nikki


  3. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Listen and support yes. Would she consider seeking professional help? I am also fortunate that Mr. S and I are in a happy loving relationship, in past relationships I have been lucky that they have also been the same. It is difficult, partners think they can change the other..or they will mend their ways. A vow is nothing if their isn’t love equally from both partners, it’s a vow..words, a piece of paper, but if you are unhappy why persist? Why hold to something that isn’t there any longer? In the hope that it will come back? It won’t, the writing unfortunately is on the wall for your friend, and I am sorry, but she needs to think of her life and act accordingly. Nothing will change otherwise…nothing. Excellent Post Kitt and I hope your friend can make the decision she needs to. xxx


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      She has brought up counseling to him. He feels there is nothing wrong & refuses to consider it. I think he is afraid to hear that he has made some mistakes. I think she is coming to the point where she is making her plans.


      • ramblingsfromamum says:

        No man is willing to admit they are the ones that cause the issues…it’s all ‘her fault’, they are usually gutless individuals, if he isn’t wishing to seek help, he doesn’t want the marriage, he cares not for her feelings at all. I am not a religious person, so I won’t say for her to pray, I believe she has to make her own destiny and as you say she hopefully is making plans.. that will be the only solution left for her. xx


  4. Emma says:

    That relationship sounds awful. It’s so much harder to walk away when there are children involved. You’re a good friend. Most of the time people aren’t asking for solutions, they only want someone to listen to them.


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