Gazing out,
Ball of fire
Climbs slowly
Up a wall
Of misty blues
And breathy pink.
Chilled air
A gentle graze
On bared flesh.
Silent stillness,
World on pause,
A moment
For deep breaths
And reflection.
A tuneless song
Trills out
From mothers nesting
In strong arms,
Of swaying branches…
Nature’s rocking chair.
Whistle floats up
As leaves chatter.
Orange sun
Shifts to yellow,
Burning up
The gentle fog,
A bright,
New day.

31 thoughts on “Awakening

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you! Nature can inspire some amazing thing for me… Today was my “stop & smell the roses” day when I walked my dogs…and with the birds chirping their little songs and branches swaying…and leaves brushing together, making the chattery sound…it all just came together. 🙂


  1. Jonathan Caswell says:

    Kitt–discovered you commenting on THE RETURN OF THE MODERN PHILOSPHER’s blog, and have re-blogged this entry of yours to my own….with hopes you may find it worthwhile to visit some time. You are a real good poet in an area I’d like to improve in (describing nature, sunset/sunrise, weather, etc.). GOOD JOB!


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