Life And Curve Balls

I had this whole big blog post set in my head, but as often happens with life…we were thrown a curve ball. Instead I’ll simply ask this… Please keep my father-in-law in your thoughts and prayers. At his annual physical his doctor noticed one of his eyelids drooping and ordered an MRI. He wants to rule out a stroke. The up side is that his eye lid is the only symptom he’s exhibiting that may point in that direction.

More serious is the fact that this strong, determined 2x cancer survivor has found a mass in his lung area… His doctor is insisting he see his oncologist and do more tests immediately…so our fingers are crossed. Hubby is very concerned as the uncle that died a few months ago was his dad’s brother. As I said…good thoughts and prayers are much appreciated. (I could use the prayers to keep me strong for him…and the rest of our family, especially since I was blessed with amazing in-laws).

I could also use advice from my Filipino friends/followers. My sister-in-law will be heading to the Philippines on business for about 2 months and staying in areas I’ve never been. If any of you are familiar with Bohol, Boracay & Apo Reef, I’d appreciate any advice or feedback that I can relate back to her.

The icing on the cake? I also got my summons for jury duty today. Yeah, it’s one of those days… So I’m gonna lean on you guys for a while… Any feel good songs or words of encouragement for me today?


36 thoughts on “Life And Curve Balls

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way, Kitt. It’s good that your father-in-law’s doctor is insisting on immediate tests. I know waiting for the results can be one of the hardest hurdles to get through. Stay strong and keep sending up the knee-mails.

    Jury duty – – ugh! Did it twice already. The first time was interesting to see how the whole system worked, but once was enough. I wish I could think of a feel good song to send your way but my brain isn’t functioning in high gear at the moment (long day), so I’ll just send cyber hugs instead 🙂


  2. crankycaregiver says:

    My thought and prayers to you and your family. Sometimes “the hits just keep on coming,” as they say. A song that always lifts my spirits is “You raise me up” by Josh Grogan. That song always inspires me..maybe it will help you.


  3. rommel says:

    Sending prayers to your loved one.
    It happens to me all the time – writing too much words and often makes my posts simple. And send your sister in law to look at my Bohol posts. 🙂 I did a lot of adventures and captured great images there. Balicasag in Bohol is my most favorite spot on Earth.


  4. wordsurfer says:

    I’m sorry I missed this… I’m sending you my love and best wishes, both for yourself and your family.
    There’s hundreds of songs I could send you, but it’s a tough choice to guess which ones will make you feel better. The following is one that I hope you’ll like – it reminds me of room to stretch your wings and the quiet wind to carry you over obstacles.


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