Love Sneaking Up On You

I’ve been busy all day with a little side gig I’ve picked up, but I’ve been thinking about love and Valentine’s day. People fall in love in so many ways. We hear about love at first sight. Sometimes it’s lust that turns into something deeper. Before I married my husband I was a sucker for a pretty face…and not a lot of substance. I knew they were meant to be temporary. Honestly, I hid from serious relationships. I kept most people with depth at arms length. I wasn’t ready to give my heart away.

I knew one day the right person for me would come along. He would be someone who challenged me. Someone intelligent and patient and able to get past all my defenses. It should have come as no surprise to me that the person who would overcome all my obstacles was someone who’d been there all along. All it took for me was falling in love with someone who’d became my best friend.

What type of person are you generally attracted to? If you’re now in a permanent relationship, what differentiated them from your typical “type”? What let you know that they were the one? It’s funny how you can look at someone every day as friends, then one day see someone completely different…like Kenny Loggins says…For The First Time.

23 thoughts on “Love Sneaking Up On You

  1. jessmittens says:

    I’m in a permanent relationship now, and he is different from other guys I have dated, but looking back, they were all quite different from each other. Someone once told me my type was ‘ugly’ hahaha.
    I had 2 different types as far as looks go that I would be attracted to on appearance alone, and I dated 1 guy who fell into one of the types that turned out to be as derelict as the look suggested…
    My other type was dark curly hair, slight stubble and a kindly / young (big eyes etc) face and that’s what my permanent relationship guy looks like, finally cracked a good looking man and he turned out to be almost perfect! Wait, that’s not a good message for young people….

    I promise he’s almost perfect because of his personality and not his looks.


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I was a sucker for a pretty face, the yes especially, then the mouth oh then the hands (not on the face of course).

    Now in my ‘cough’ more mature years – yes there has to be a physical attraction but hell give me a sense of humour, wit, an edge, common courtesy and decency, sensitivity and they are mine 🙂


  3. ourmulticolouredlife says:

    I can honestly say that I have no type. Every guy I’ve dated, been in a relationship with or just canoodled for awhile have all been different. Then I ended up marrying a man who could not be any more different from me if he tried, yet somehow we make it work *most of the time*. If you had to ask us what we had in common, you would get a lot of blank stares and head scratching.


  4. marydpierce says:

    For me it was seeing this man I’d never met at a party and innately knowing that here was someone who would accept me for who I was and not try to change me. I was right. Twenty-eight years later we’re still together!


  5. filbio says:

    My gal is is not just my lover and my friend, but also my buddy. She loves sports, dancing, and heavy metal. She is smart, a hard worker, opinionated, sensitive but not a pushover. Plus, in life I think you need a person in it who will call you out on your bullshit, while also putting up with your crazy personality traits.

    Strong women are what I am attracted to and she fit the bill. Now living together for 15 years and still not getting married. Life is good!



  6. wordsurfer says:

    I don’t like falling in love. I don’t like the loss of control, the danger of loosing yourself, being dependent on someone else. It’s a horrible feeling. I do fall a little in love quite easily, but I’ve learned to just let it be and then it goes away again. If I ever come across someone who will not put fences around me and not use my own emotions against me to control me, we can talk about it, but not before. On Valentines, I celebrate my love for my friends! 🙂


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