Need Some Old School Sexy?

Nothing makes for sexy quite like this song… Otis Redding is still the man. Whether it be this song re-made popular from Dirty Dancing or Try A Little Tenderness (many know that one from Pretty In Pink), that man’s music oozes sex appeal.

And if that doesn’t get you in the mood…Try some Solomon Burke with this scene from Dirty Dancing. Swayze & Grey sizzled!

Patrick Swayze will always be missed by this girl, as will this kind of R & B.

I thought this was an appropriate lead in to Valentine’s Day….

44 thoughts on “Need Some Old School Sexy?

  1. tomwisk says:

    I love the old school rock and r&b. Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Sam and Dave and all the girl groups like the Ronettes, Shirrelles. Slow dancing and stolen kisses at high school dances.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Me, too. The more modern R&B actually leaves me cold…well, most of it. Too much about showing off voices, not enough about the music. The beauty of those songs (Both rock & R&B) was in the feelings they were able to bring through them. The heart and soul of the lyrics were the focus, not the afterthought.


      • tomwisk says:

        I’ve got a rant (reasoned rant) on oldies stations and my belief oldies stopped in 1970. and were the roots of R&R and everything else is the trunk, branches or leaves on the tree. There’s some blossoms that opened and fell like Boy George, Wham and IMHO most of the Nineties.. That’s because I fall into the antiMTV group


        • Kitt Crescendo says:

          I get where you’re coming from. I was never much for MTV, either. I’ve always just followed my passions, musically speaking (who am I kidding? I do the same thing in real life, too.). Personally, it was the lack of good music and lyrics that turned me on to country….and making jazz choir in high school that got me into old school jazz (Ella, Louie, etc.)


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