Before I Said "I Do"

Before I Said “I Do”

Our love is not
Five & Dime Store
Hot sizzles that quickly
When trials come,
inevitable in life,
we stand,
back to back,
Able to lean
for support,
fingers intertwined,
outward demonstration
of our interwoven hearts;
shared strength.

When the world gets crazy,
Everything topsy turvey,
we hold to each other,
find shelter
from the storm.
I am your anchor,
you, my compass.
never lost.
As waves calm,
we sit,
side by side,
your arm ’round my back,
my head on your shoulder;
silent joy.
Appreciate beauty
in the life we’ve made.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers in the world. Remember-true love doesn’t start or end with just one day. I love you all for the way you’ve welcomed me and included me. Thanks!

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