Completion & The Human Element

I’m working on finishing my super secret project. I should be done in the next day or two… Excitement and nerves are creeping up on me. This means that my focus and energy will be on the project until I’m done. So, I’m going to leave you with a few songs that I think are pretty awesome.

This one touched my heart….

And for everyone who’s ever lost hope….

Or if you’ve ever felt bullied…

And for those of us who needed someone who understood the meaning of true love before we did…and had the foresight to hang on.

I should be back soon… In the meantime, I’d love to know what songs you’ve heard that touch those dark corners of your heart. You all know I’m always looking for new music. Share with me!


20 thoughts on “Completion & The Human Element

  1. viveka says:

    New artist to me .. all of them – Raymond stool my heart … what a voice he has .. Brett – it reminds me about my aunt in the end of her life .. when she mixed up .. names. Lovely.


  2. amadiex says:

    For me, I came a across this song, not sure who the artist is but for some reason it really got to me, It is called, “If I could have a beer with Jesus.” I just really liked the whole context of the song. I was like yeah I would love to do that!


  3. Ray Colon says:

    Hi Kitt,

    A super secret project? That sounds exciting. I hope that it’s something that’s fun too.

    One song that I find haunting is Losing My Religion. I can’t listen to it without my mind drifting toward darker places.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      That song is definitely a darker song, despite the upbeat tune. Lyrics and music are opposite. As for my project…it’s rewarding. Can’t wait to be done with it, but it IS taking the lion’s share of my focus right now.


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