Dog Days And Aggressive Ways


The little Shiba Inu is my puppy. Her name is Ryka. I sometimes call her Hell Spawn. Her big Pitbull friend is named Seven…as in Battlestar Galactica. He’s a really sweet guy, and both my girls consider him a friend.


Here is a picture of all three of them frolicking by my pool after their morning walk. My girls, though they love the outdoors, hate the water. My best friend’s boy doesn’t have the same problem much to their consternation and concern.


In fact, my little one came to check on Seven once he was done with his swim…just to make sure the evil water hadn’t poisoned him or made him sick.


It’s funny… Pitbulls fall under the “aggressive dog” category, unfair though it is. There are actually people out there who think these loveably large oafs are born vicious. What a crock!

Here’s what I’ve noticed. Some of the most naturally aggressive dogs I’ve met have been the “dress-me-up-and-put-me-in-a-purse” variety. It’s as though they suffer from little big man syndrome. The thing is, the damage their bites can do are pretty minimal. Size of mouth correlates with damage of bite, so it stands to reason that a bite from a Pitbull can cause serious damage.

Really, though, it’s owners who ultimately dictate the behavior of the dogs. Vicious animals are usually trained to be that way. Sadly, when dogs act out or misbehave, rarely do these same owners take responsibility for their own action. Why are they surprised when the dogs act the way they taught them?


Yup! Seven sure looks mean and dangerous to me! Are you an animal lover? What do you guys think about “aggressive” dogs?

37 thoughts on “Dog Days And Aggressive Ways

  1. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Am I an animal lover??? Oh Kitt yes I am, dogs and horses followed by every other creature (except spiders – I don’t like spiders).
    A dogs personality is brought about by his environment and his owners. Treat them badly – they will behave that way.
    They unfortunately are trained to be vicious especially Pitbulls, who have the most caring and placid of natures.
    It’s the scum of society who feel the need to abuse them.
    Their love like all dogs is unconditional, unlike some humans. I am an avid fan of Cesar Milan, I mind dogs regularly as a part time job, yes *nods* I am a dog lover. 🙂
    Take at look at this ?

    Beautiful photos of the fur-babies 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you, my friend. I also enjoyed Ivonne’s award to you. I feel the same way. The only animals I have no love for are frogs. By the way, that award was much deserved. I went back and read your dog fighting post.


  2. artisticmilestone says:

    Your right Seven looks aggressive and actually scary too but I’m sure like most dogs they can be very sweet to their owners. I’m not much of a dog lover because of their hygiene lol 🙂 Most dogs hate to swim but Seven sure loves your pool, looks nice and cool for summer 🙂 Btw, what a coincidence, I’ve been thinking about writing a post about dogs since last week and just yesterday and today your the fifth post about dogs that I’ve read.


  3. J.D.Hughes says:

    Both of my children were brought up with German Shepherds, who also have a rep. Neither child was ever bitten despite merciless tail-pulling and sundry abuse. The expression on the face of a big dog when being abused by a barely walking child is a miracle of patience.

    My neighbour has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who looks as if he would eat your face off. That would be after he’d licked most of it away.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I quite agree. We had a German shepherd puppy for a little while growing up in the Philippines. (Unfortunately he was poisoned, then we were burglarized a week later.) He was quite patient with my two baby brothers…including the one who kept trying to force feed him coconut.

      My hubby grew up with Shepherds, Boxers, Huskies, etc… All of them were sweethearts.


  4. Maryanne says:

    Great topic! Great photos!

    I love dogs so much, but have very very old cats so it wouldn’t be fair to bring a dog into the picture.

    I like what your friend said about German Shepherds. I had one as a little girl. Her name was Misty. I was very little and fascinated by her eyes, which were a gorgeous color brown with a tint of red. I always touched her eyeballs (what did I know? I was a child!) And the dog would just sit there and let me do that to her! Unbelievable how good that dog was with me!

    I really think it depends on the personality of the dog. My mom had another dog, Fawn. She was a chihuahua (known for being yappy and nasty) but Fawn was the best dog in the world. She wasn’t yappy. She was just too good! Never did anything wrong, never hurt anyone. Now since Fawn died, my mother got too new chihuahuas. One is part Pitbull — and that is the calm one! The other is bipolar or something. You’ll be petting him, then he freaks out over nothing and starts biting you. That dog could fit in your palm but he scares me. I won’t go near him. But the part-Pitbull one, she’ll look at you with lovey-dovey eyes and just let you kiss her over and over. She’s so precious.


  5. prewitt1970 says:

    American terriers or “pitbulls” as they are so often reffered to are only as dangerous as their owners treat them and their bloodline dictates, since unfortunalty some many bloodlines have been currupted with extreme violence and abuse over many generations. I LOVED my pit when I had her. Roxanne, yes just like the Police song. she was brindle 1/2 whippet 1/2 pit and the most loving kind animal and friend a fella could ever have. Honestly Ive known more German shepards that would be more likely of violence that pits. All animals humans included just react to the enviorment they live in.


  6. Jessi Gage says:

    I definitely agree with you, kitt, and with many of your commenters here. I love dogs. They are such loyal creatures and can bring so much joy to the life of a responsible, moral owner. Sadly, many people don’t take their responsibility as a
    pet owner sacred. I hate seeing abused animals, and training animals to be vicious is a form of abuse, for sure. So glad you’re a good pet owner! You rock!


  7. Viveka says:

    If any dogs are aggressive .. is’ down to the owner. Of course there can be dogs with mental problems just like with us humans, but I would say 95% of aggressive dog has not suitable owners. Great photos on the friends.


  8. PapaBear says:

    Grew up on a farm, Kitt, and necessarily had to be around all types of animals. Most react to people, and the way individuals have treated them. I cared for, respected, and loved (almost) all of them. My father and brother were somewhat mean and impatient with them at times. The animals reacted agressively to them, but were docile and gentle with me. You reap what you’ve sown.


    • PapaBear says:

      A side note to what I said…, if an animal knows you they know how to react to you…, docile of agressive. If you’re a stranger and show fear or agression, they react to that.


      • Kitt Crescendo says:

        Absolutely. My dogs are actually especially careful around small, small children and the elderly. They can sense when you are more fragile as well as fear, etc.

        My girls are territorial, but welcoming if we have welcomed someone or their animals first.


  9. filbio says:

    I am a big time dog lover and many times I notice those little “yippy dogs” are all crazy mean! I’m a big dog guy myself. German Shepherds all the way.


  10. msmontijo says:

    Great post and you are correct it’s not about the breed of dog but more about the owner and the training the dog recieved. I love pits—they are quite sweet and loveable if they are just left that way.



    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      You’re right, Ivonne. “If they’re left that way” is key. My friend and I have started watching Breed Specific Legislation attempts more carefully. I was thrilled when the attempt to introduce it in Broward County in FL (which is my home state, though not my home county) was met with so many Pitbull supporters that they decided in the meeting not to bother even attempting to pursue it. Now we’re watching Georgia & Michigan.


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