Art Of Prose

Onto blank page,
Breathe life,
Create feelings,
Thoughts, universes…

Strong enough
To mold minds,
Bend wills.
Able to cut deep;
Gently heal.

Carelessly misplaced,
Recklessly thrown
Easily misread,
Choose carefully.

Words ARE Power.

I’ve been insanely busy, but I couldn’t let today, World Poetry Day, go by without finding a way to contribute. Many of my friends are quite brilliant wordsmiths…and I’m always blown away by their ability to impact the world around them simply by tossing words about and carefully placing them in positions they deem will have the biggest impact. Kudos to them.

29 thoughts on “Art Of Prose

  1. Lawrence Grodecki says:

    Art of Prose is a wonderful musing, very nice Kitt, but more importantly, very true.

    As far as the sanity goes, I learned something important today, in a public washroom of all places.

    Until today I never realized that my hands can think for themselves . . . it must be true because the label on the dispenser said “Hand Sanitizer” so I used it, and tonight I’m finding that I’m typing with more clarity!


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    World Poetry Day? I missed it??
    Take a word a thought an idea
    bring your love your mind
    your creativity
    display it on page
    for those to see your thoughts
    conjured complex imagination
    what you write is
    another’s fascination


  3. Professor Taboo says:

    So true Kitt about the power and impact of our spoken words. On the quantum physics/mechanics level or atomic and subatomic level, everything is connected, even the air we move with our vocal-cords to others within earshot. They can be healing, embracing, encouraging, as well as damaging, destructive, or hateful. No matter what, even our thoughts eventually manifest themselves into action and behaviors!


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