A Confession And A Thank You

Ande from Bring Back Desire invited me over to her blog to do a guest post on one of my favorite topics…Erotic Romances. How could I resist? Oddly enough, it felt like a bit of a “coming out” party for me.  Why? Because although I’ve alluded to the fact that I enjoy dipping my pen into the erotic romance ink, I’ve never shared much more than that. Until now.

Most of you know that I’ve been working on a writing project. A few of you realized it’s a manuscript. I’ve kept the details close to the vest as I wrote, afraid to jinx myself. Maybe even afraid to hope. Well, no more. After sharing my work with my editor and three very carefully selected beta readers (Thank you, ladies) I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to handle this the way I handle pretty much everything else in my life. Jump in with both feet!

I know what you’re thinking. What does this have to do with her guest blog post? It has EVERYTHING to do with my guest post. You see, Ande asked me to write about how erotic romance can help you improve your love life from a writer’s perspective. For me, that was a “wow” moment. Ande is a connoisseur of erotic romances and she shares that love on her blog. And she felt I was qualified to write about erotic romances from a writer’s perspective! How cool is that? I haven’t even published anything yet.

I was already a bit staggered by the amount of faith and support my close friends and family have given me. Most of you know when I lost my job it would have been easy for me to find something else based on my skill set. Instead, my husband, knowing there would be some financial hardships for a while, encouraged me to stay home and follow my dreams. On the day I lost my job my sister and my best friend both called me to tell me they thought I should have been writing all along. And then there was my editor. She read my very rough draft and saw through all the writing mistakes to what it could be, then held my hand all the way through (both with tough love and positive reinforcement). Somewhere along the way, between this blog and Twitter, I made some amazing friends. In fact, all three of them were kind enough to read my manuscript and give feedback.

Who knew that my habit for writing out my hot, steamy fantasies would lead me down this path? Keep an eye open. Pretty soon I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my creations… Thanks again for all the support you guys have given me. With that in mind, my question for you guys today is this…. Have you ever found yourself taking a path in life you never expected to? Where did that path lead you? You guys know you’re also welcome to ask me anything you want….

But in the meantime, go check out that blog post. And for those of you who enjoy reading the racy, check out Desiree Holt, one of the coolest grandmas out there in her interview with CBS. (By the way, I’ve got to say, I’m really disappointed in the rude, condescending interviewer…. She sure handled him with class, though.)

23 thoughts on “A Confession And A Thank You

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Kit you’ve always been a brilliant and talented woman and it’s no surprise to me at least about your erotic writing at least not to me I just figured you kept it safe for a reason. Bravo to you and all that you do. Have a lovely weekend.


  2. amadiex says:

    Ha! I knew your vixen self would come out sooner or later!!!! 😛 As always never doubted your writing talent. In fact when I would listen to the poetry you created you inspired me to dare my hand with the pen and paper and because of that it has been a life saver in a lot of ways! Of course, it didn’t help when a certain ex boyfriend quoted something from you to get with me……Funny how your words tried to seduce me! lol!!!!! Granted he killed every line!! lol!! Anyway, you keep following your dreams and do what your heart leads you to do and you will never work again!


  3. Professor Taboo says:

    Kitt, although I’ve only just recently come around to your blog, I am quite sure that your accolades are well deserved! Given that in our short, short introduction thus far, we’ve quickly found several common interests, haven’t we? Woot! I applaud you and admiringly tip my top hat to you my Lady. 🙂


  4. Loni says:

    Kitt, I have no doubt that you will be successful in your writing adventures… or whatever else you do. And I’m really looking forward to your other projects 😉
    My path to writing started about 4 years ago. I was never a reader, hated school, and math and English were my most hated subjects. A colleague at work convinced me to read Twilight (before they were very popular and the 1st movie was coming out as a movie). I was hooked from there and then moved on to Harry Potter… even taking a vacation day to read the final book in that series. Those two series turned me into a book addict. From there I moved to blogging book reviews. I met loads of wonderful book-loving people who turned me into a reading freak. Some how LJ and I found each others blogs and our regular commenting turned into emails, which turned into encouragement when i jokingly mentioned I should write a book… what did I have to lose?
    So reading…. Twilight of all things… started my path to where it is today. Funny how one little book started a chain of events I never imagined.

    I wish you good luck and much success on your publishing venture and I’m here to lean a helping ear… or eyes…. whenever you need help, or feedback! 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you, my friend! You have been a wonderful support and sounding board. Don’t think I won’t be taking you up on your offer to help. I absolutely will. I’m so glad I found you and LJ through Mae and her invite to join Triberr.


  5. Ande Lyons (@AndeLyons) says:

    I am a most FORTUNATE Goddess to have found such a talented writer to provide DELICIOUS guest blog posts for Bring Back Desire – thank YOU Kitt! Thousands of visitors LOVE reading your blogs… you are so relatable and engaging. Looking forward to carrying one of YOUR stories on BBD – MUAH & LOVE!!


  6. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Congratulations Kitt and way to go on opening up to the world. I believe we met via Mae Clair and I would never have purchsed her writing had it not been for her Six Sentence Sunday blogs. She captured me over and over and now I’m reading a genre I never intended to start. We never know where that road not taken will lead if we never have the willingness to get on it.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you! You have been wonderfully supportive of me practically since I started this blog. It was definitely through Mae that we met, though I’m not sure which post(s) tempted you to check out my little blog. I’m just so grateful that you did. You are such a great lady. I’m glad that we met. (And you’re right. We’d never know what else is out there if someone didn’t come along and broaden our horizons.)


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