#SusieStrong – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Trials have a way of defining us as a person. Not the challenges in and of themselves, but the way we respond to them. Do we run and hide? Do we stand up and face them? Are we strong enough to weather the storms of life?

Some of the most inspiring people I know are those who have not only withstood the trails life’s sent their way, but faced it head on with grace, laughter and strength. But they rarely stop there. These living, breathing miracles take it one step further. They find a way to use those same experiences to help, inspire and give hope.

One of the coolest things about the internet, and blogging in particular, is the people you get to know along the way. It was through blogging that I had the pleasure of getting to know one of the coolest people I know. She has a zeal for life that can’t help but bring out joy and laughter in those she touches. Her Wild Rides have become notorious….from her Polar Bear Club Excursion to her Helicopter skiing to so many more adventures, she’s kept us entertained. Susie Lindau is one of those people who you can’t help but admire and enjoy watching as she attacks life.

Recently she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she shared the initial news, on her blog post titled The Boob Report – Roadblocks and U-Turns my first thought was that I seriously hate cancer, followed quickly by my certainty that Susie would rise to the occasion with this disease just like she has every other adventure in her life. She’s just that kind of woman. What was more, she was smart enough to share the experience with her friends and let us all find our little ways to be there to love and support her through this time.

Most of you know that music is a medium I use to express my thoughts, and today is no different.

After Susie shared with us in her The Boob Report – Laughter Is The Best Medicine that she would be undergoing surgery today, one of her other awesome blog followers came up with the idea of showing her our support through our blogs. I was thrilled to participate. Susie is a constant source of inspiration to me! Doubt how badass she is? Read the links I left and see what I mean.

If you know Susie and would like to wish her a speedy recovery, please feel free to comment. If you don’t know her, but would still like to wish her well, I welcome you to do so and to check out her blog and see why she’s so well loved.

Here are a few other folks today who’ve joined in the campaign to cheer Susie on as she kicks cancer’s butt:

Gloria Richard


Jess Witkins

Tameri Etherton

To close out, I’m posting a song that has always helped me feel strong and reminded me that the strong know when to lean on those around them.



19 thoughts on “#SusieStrong – You’ll Never Walk Alone

  1. filbio says:

    I have been readinmg Susie’s posts and am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. She is a strong lady and will beat this!


  2. Mae Clair says:

    I don’t know Susie but wish her courage and support in her battle. Cancer (including breast cancer) has touched many people in my family, and many friends over the years, far too many to count. Hopefully, someday there’ll be a cure for this horrible disease. I’m sure Susie appreciates your support, Kitt.


  3. ramblingsfromamum says:

    An encouraging post my friend. I have watched the Celtic singers on many occasions and the clarity in their voices is magical and inspiring.
    I do not know of Susie and I shall look at her posts shortly. From what you have written about her, she won’t walk alone and my thoughts and wishes are with her for a speedy recovery. This was a lovely and kind gesture Kitt and I am sure she has gained strength from reading this and having the support of many. x


  4. marydpierce says:

    This is THE perfect song for Susie! Just beautiful. I have no doubt she is going to come out of the other side of this even more fabulous than she already is. Thanks for posting.

    I read report III and shouted at the news of no lymph node involvement. Very good news, indeed.


  5. susielindau says:

    I sobbed when I read this post! I cannot express how much this moved me! This is an absolutely beautiful post and typifies my feelings about the blogging community. The videos were so spot on.
    Because of friends like you, a miracle happened and I don’t need chemo! My biopsy reports came in the mid-twenties for recurrence, but after my surgery, the tissue was sent to Mayo and tested in the 13 percentile! No Chemo!!
    I swear it is because of all the prayers and positive thoughts sent my way through all my blogging friends. I could really feel them!
    Thank you so very much for this post. I’ll never be able to express how much this meant to me.. (((((cyber hugs)))))


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