Maniacal Musical Space Invasions

I’m in the mood to be mildly inappropriate, and I’m taking you guys along for the ride…as usual.

So here’s the deal, I woke up this morning in a soft, kind of romantic mood. As often happens with me, though, my music led me down a slightly different path…and got me thinking.

About boundaries.

I know, strange, right? But here’s the deal…. I absolutely loved Pitch Perfect.

Maybe it’s the whole growing up singing thing.

Either way, there are some really cool songs in the movie, but there was a specific scene that was stuck in my head this morning. How many times have you heard the question “Do you sing in the shower?” I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard it a bunch! So imagine doing just that only to be accosted by a virtual stranger while you’re completely naked. For those of you who may not have seen the movie…that’s exactly what happened in this scene. For those of you who had…enjoy!

You know what cracked me up about the whole thing? If someone walked into my naked space and refused to leave, I’d probably push my way out. In this universe, it was cause for a duet! Did anyone else kinda crack up when Brittany Snow told Anna Kendrick that the song was her “lady jam” because “it builds and it builds”? Wow, talk about oversharing as the icing to the personal space issues…LOL!

I guess the good part was that it led to auditions…and one of my all time favorite songs in the movie.

But of course, with my brain being as convoluted as it is…thoughts of personal space issues got me thinking about another favorite movie, The Sweetest Thing.

What scene am I talking about? Why the one where Selma Blair gets stuck on a prince albert piercing, of course! I mean, seriously. Can you imagine? You get stuck wrapped around some man’s Johnson and by the time your roommates come home the police, fire department, mailman, pizza delivery guy, nurse and half the neighborhood are in your apartment watching you drool around his cock? Who invited them all in? And why on earth didn’t the nurse think of trying to help the poor woman relax her throat? See for yourself….

Nothing says relax the throat quite like singing Aerosmith, right? A little factoid to remember when playing with men with Prince Alberts….just sayin’. 😉

No matter how I look at it, though, the song that makes this girl party complete is The Penis Song…

So now I’d like you to share some stuff with me… Like what awkward movie musical moments make you laugh? Or How would you have reacted to any of these situations? Have you even seen either of these movies?  What parts made you laugh? How do you feel about people invading your personal space? If you’re female (and straight), how do you feel about Prince Albert piercings? Have you ever “tried” one? If you’re a guy, do you have one? Hahahahaha! Ya’ll knew I had to ask… If you want to be safe, you can just tell me what you sing in the shower…that’s always good, too. 😉


54 thoughts on “Maniacal Musical Space Invasions

  1. John W. Howell says:

    I had to laugh when John Travolta did any of the singing in Grease. He was so affected it was almost a cringe moment every time. I guess other than that since I don’t have piercings and stuff I can only offer my shower song. It is bass level song and you try to get lower with each beware. “Many brave hearts are a sleep in the deep so beware, beware, beeeeewwware.”


  2. blowingoffsteamandmore says:

    I absolutely loved Pitch Perfect!! I can’t stop singing the mashups! My kids are starting to hate “Everybody look to the left, everybody look to the right…”. I love how the boy she left in the shower comes around the corner at the end and Brittney Snow remembers she was in the middle of something. The sweetest thing was another great movie! That takeout swan scene in the car was hilarious. I think one of my all time favorites is Almost Famous. I have seen it about 20 times and it never gets old! I hate people invading my space and I am going to vote no on the piercing. I think that body part is fine just the way it is! 🙂 “I’ve got the magic in me…”


  3. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Love love love both of these movies!!! The Sweetest Thing has got to be one of my “girl” fave movies. And you just reminded me to get the movie Pitch Perfect. I saw it in the theater with my step-daughter when it came out and loved it. So psyched they are coming out with a part 2.


  4. Professor Taboo says:

    No surprise, as I am a Bohemian: The Moulin Rouge soundtrack. My two kids & I would listen to it & all sing along when we’d travel 5-hours back-n-forth from Dallas to Nanna’s house near San Antonio. The 3 of us knew all the songs, but our favorite was “Come What May”. My son & I would sing Ewan McGregor’s parts, my daughter Nicole Kidman’s….

    In the shower? “Come What May”…. because it means so much to my personal life & views on love & relationships. 🙂


  5. Christy Birmingham says:

    I have not seen these movies. I’m stuck on romantic movies like Pretty Woman and Briget Jones Diary lol. I was struck by the words about singing in the shower, as I read your post. You know, I have never done that! It just occurred to me. May have to try but then – what song?!!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Shower singing is a total MUST EXPERIENCE. For me, I sing whatever song that fits my mood when I step in. Others have a “shower theme”. Still others find songs relating to rain to be the appropriate choice. Regardless of what works for you, it helps to know the words to your song choice…otherwise you’re just humming…and that’s more appropriate for bedroom play. 😉


  6. Jess Witkins says:

    I love both of these movies too! Pitch Perfect is Aca-awesome and The Sweetest Thing is classic. I would much prefer to deal with the shower situation than the johnson one though. That’s a lot harder to live down. Yikes!


  7. Phil says:

    The Sweetest Thing was actually kinda funny. The Selma Blair scene was hilarious, especially when her eyes were tearing up! As for singing? Nope, not me. No one wants to hear me sing!


  8. Emma says:

    I remember watching The Sweetest Thing with my friends when we were in school. We thought it was so raunchy and ballsy at the time. We’d never seen a film with three female leads talking about sex and men so openly. The penis song. Lol.
    I’m always singing in the shower – great acoustics. 🙂


  9. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB) says:

    One awkward music moment in film that comes to mind was when Heath Ledger sings to Julia Styles in 10 Things I Hate about You. His singing was so bad, but the scene was so good!


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