Rough and Ready For A Laugh…



Here’s the deal… My 40th is coming up, so my family is holding a bash in my honor…at MY house. This means a lot of work and preparation. Mom’s contribution includes working on fixing up the garden. So, from about 2 till 7, we spent our time in the garden. Did I mention that it started pouring down buckets of rain? Or that I slipped and fell…landing on my ass, damaging my pride and scratching up my forearm?

My scraped up forearm

My scraped up forearm

I like to laugh after a challenging day…


I thought I’d share with you some blog posts by really cool people who’ve made me laugh…

I can’t think laughter and not think of Natalie Hartford. In fact, with my background in retail electronics sales, she slayed me with her Urban Word Wednesday: Macturbate post. Seriously….if you have ever been around a Mac loyalist, this will have you peeing your pants.

Next comes my girl Katie from Sass & Balderdash. Women especially will appreciate her concerns about VPL: Women’s Silent Killer. This is a serious epidemic that needs to be corrected immediately!

Of course, this gives me the perfect opportunity to laugh with Gloria Richard in her post Improv, Boogers, Wedgies, And Pimping Nigel Blackwell. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of craziness you can expect from “the wild children” at Conferences…this will get your mind going in the right direction.

With that, it only makes sense to introduce you to my friend Robert and his blog Seasons Of Insanity where he teaches you the finer points of How To Be A Pervert 101.

I was torn between 2 posts to introduce you to Jenny Hansen…and finally decided, why not put up both? For those of you who’ve wondered P Is For Panties (and what it says about your politics), this is quite “educational. And for those of you who are die hard Craig’s List peeps, Missed Connections: Which Of These Trainwrecks Needs The Most Dating Advice may be up your alley.

I can’t think humor and not include my favorite Modern Day Philosopher, Austin. After in depth research on Jack and Jill of nursery rhyme fame, he finally manages to get an exclusive expose called Jack And Jill Finally Come Clean About The Hill Incident. I’d mention his Survivor: Maine post, but I’m pretty sure the whole world has now heard about THAT one.

While I’m at it, I thought I’d throw in one of my funnier guest posts done for Seasons Of Insanity…. With all the blogging awards out there, I figured I’d throw my idea into the mix with Launching A New Award For The Holidays. I’m kind of proud of that one…LOL!

Finally, I thought I’d share with you the reward I got for all the hard work in the rain… The rainbow that appeared over my house.

Rainbow Over My House

Rainbow Over My House

What about you guys? What do you guys do after a trying day? What posts have made you laugh and why? Share them with us… It’s always such fun to discover new and interesting bloggers.

33 thoughts on “Rough and Ready For A Laugh…

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    Oh man, so many fun posts to go read! I better get cracking! LOL!

    When I’m beat, I sit down and write. Or I read on my Kindle. Or I watch stand-up comedy with my hub.

    Love the rainbow!


  2. Gloria Richard Author says:

    Thanks for the ping-back love, Kitt. Have some fun today and blog-jack with me. I’ll tweet to let you know which posts have the most potential.

    Now? My laugh for the morning? Me thinks a treasure trove this post doth hold. Forsooth.

    Bonus! I don’t yet follow some of these blogs.


  3. Austin says:

    Thanks for the reading suggestions and for mentioning my exclusive interview with Jack & Jill (well, Jack didn’t say much considering the horrible head injury he sustained in the fall!). Happy Monday!


  4. radaronelson says:

    Thanks for the ping back and I hope you enjoy your day. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my ass motivated and start blogging more than what I have been lately.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Dallas. So did I! It was the bright spot of an exhausting day. (Weeding, landscaping, etc the lawn uses totally different muscles than I use on a daily basis…and the rain was just gravy.)


  5. filbio says:

    Hope the arm is ok. I’ll come over and kiss the boo-boo! 😉

    Some great bloggers you mentioned here. That rainbow just goes to prove that with some pain comes the pleasure of reward!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Well, to be honest, Phil…Kink kinda already taught me that lesson…LMAO!

      If you haven’t read these particular posts before (some of them are older), you really should. And if you haven’t checked out Jenny Hansen’s newest post…you totally have to. I’m dyin’! Features a Semen cookbook…for real! Seriously, he even has a semenology book for those who enjoy libations. Frackin’ Hi-LAR-ious!


  6. Jenny Hansen says:

    How is it nearly as exciting to have a party at your OWN house??!! Dang. That rainbow is lovely by the way.

    Thank you for all that amazing linky love!! A few of those bloggers are new to me so I’ll have to go check them out (always fun). 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      OMG! Jenny…I’m having way too much fun commenting at your place… That topic was just too much fun to resist. 😡

      As for the party at my own house…exactly. However, I do have a pool in the back yard and my sister says she’s taking care of everything…but you know how it goes…you always wind up cleaning and doing other things you’d otherwise rather avoid. 😀


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