Now I lay me
Down to sleep.
Close my eyes,
Start to weep.
Gaze up at
A shining star,
Wonder how
I fell so far.

Where’s the girl
I used to be,
Filled with
Is she gone
Without a trace?
Would I even
Know her face?

When did she;
Forget to dream;
Trapped inside
A silent scream?

Close my eyes,
Consider how
To change my fate
Reach out for
My destiny;
Be who I was
Meant to be.

Take a breath,
Dry my tears.
Greet the dawn,
Face my fears.
“Give it one more try.”
Look out world,
Watch me fly.

No more regrets.
Throw them away.
Step fearless to
The light of day.

The future’s mine
To shape and mold,
If I am willing
To be bold,
The endless
Is waiting patiently
For me.

Hold tightly to
Life’s precious gift,
Enjoy life’s road,
Each bend and shift.
So if I die
Before I wake,
There’s no remorse
I have to take.

43 thoughts on “Redemption

    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thanks, Mae! Oddly enough, most of the first verse came to me in the shower on Wednesday. I finally got back to finishing it this morning. Maybe I will take you & Susie’s advice & enter it into a contest.


  1. Gloria Richard Author says:

    Emotive! Lovely! Empowering!

    You have many talents beyond naughty-like-me-blog-jacking, my friend.

    When I wake the morning after a day when intentions didn’t meet actions, I pump myself up with a quote (sorry, no clue who said it)…

    That was yesterday, and yesterday ended last night.

    If I let my past define who I am, I’d still be trying to fill a hole in my soul with copious amount of wine.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Thank you. And your quote is dead on! Paralysis by analysis is a real thing…. Instead, take action by taking control of your life & your decisions. 🙂 I think you are an awesome example of that concept, Gloria!


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