Taken In in my back yard yesterday

Silver winged chariots
The distant rumble
Announce their ascent
On endless span of crystal blue.
A blink of the eye
And they disappear
Yards of white
Draped in casual decor,
A delicate wisp,
Like smoke,
Thick and rich and sweet,
Like cotton candy
From a fair,
Calling to mind
A childhood,
Long past.
They sway
And glide
On gentle breeze,
Changing partners.
A dance,
Guided by the winds,
To create
Something new,
moving pictures;
As I lay back,
Pillow my head
Over crossed arms,
Search for shapes and images,
And dream.


Wispy clouds from back yard yesterday

Summer is the perfect time to be still and daydream…. When was the last time you laid back and explored your sky? What did you see? Are you a cloud watcher? Do you see shapes? Does it inspire you?


31 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. Mae Clair says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of cloud watching from my pool lately and conjuring whimsical shapes in the heavens. Summer is the perfect time for it. Beautiful poem, Kitt and perfect given my recent bout of cloud-watching!

  2. Professor Taboo says:

    I absolutely love laying back and gazing up at (and through) the night sky. It never fails to awe me or remind me of my place in life — significant place because I am capable of doing it and being aware of both! Wow.

    Delightful post Kitt! 🙂

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