Sexy Younger Guys–Cougartime!

“Older men are great playmates and younger men are great playthings.”

Once upon a time, before I got married, several of my gal pals used to jokingly call me Demi Moore. Why? Certainly not because we looked alike. The truth is, it was uncanny. If we were out somewhere and there was a hot guy or three between the ages of 18-25, they seemed to gravitate my way. It used to leave me shaking my head and laughing. I won’t lie…it was flattering being asked to judge an impromptu “Hottest Ass” competition when I was over 30. Those guys are lucky I always used my superpowers for the forces of good. 😉

Many of you have already figured out by the above quote (which, incidentally, may be a Kitt original, but I can’t recall with any certainty) that I’m an equal opportunity man lover. In fact, it’s because I love men of all ages that I felt men under 25 deserved equal time. Afterall, I’ve already done a Sexy Older Men post a while back.

These guys are my top 5 faves in no particular order….

Zac Efron (age 25) – There’s something about dark hair and blue eyes that has always done it for me. Add musical talent and I’m weak in the knees. Did I mention he also has tattoos? Yummy! Though I was tempted to include a clip of him singing (High School Musical or Hairspray), I decided on something else.

Then there’s Taylor Lautner (21 years old). With him, I practically feel like I’ve watched him grow up. I’ve even watched his Sharkboy movie. It wasn’t until I saw him all wolfie in the Twilight series that my eyes were opened. Truthfully, though…I enjoy him in action movies. He was completely droolworthy in Abduction. With him, there’s a sense of confidence that I find really appealing…not to mention I don’t really get the egomaniac vibe from him.

Third is one of my Glee guys, Jacob Artist, the 20 year old who plays the younger Puckerman brother (the older one is over 25). Not only can he sing…He can move that body in ways that has me thinking sinful thoughts. He’s got the whole soulful thing down to a science. The below is probably one of my all time favorite vocal music performances by him.

Then there’s Tyler Hoechlin (age 25). The first time I saw him was on 7th Heaven. Little Ruthie had a huge crush. Since then he’s been mostly in movies, but he’s currently back on tv in Teen Wolf. He definitely does well with the darker, animalistic tendencies. There’s something very magnetic about his appeal.

Finally, Alex Pettyfer, 23. Yeah, there are women who will recognize him from Magic Mike, but I actually preferred his moves in I Am Number Four. He’s got a vulnerability to him that blends well with his natural sex appeal.

What stars 25 and under do you find to be attractive and why?

64 thoughts on “Sexy Younger Guys–Cougartime!

  1. Katie says:

    Well, they don’t really make me a cougar LOL, but I agree with Zac Efron wholeheartedly. I think the new guy on Glee, whose name is Blake Jenner I think (no relation to Bruce–I’ve Googled) is pretty cute, too.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Yeah… He’s got the whole boy next door thing going on. I kind of hope he and Kitty find their way to each other. As for the whole cougar thing… Yeah, you’re way too young for that yet.


      • Professor Taboo says:

        “…who fit the profile.” Hmm, then I should pass — I don’t even know any at all that I would consider “To Do”. Is that bad?

        However, so not to be a total cougar-party-pooper, I can share the one female celebrity that has always imprisoned my fantasy heart & groin even though she is now only 41 — GOD what I wouldn’t give to be Dougray Scott!

        Apologies for not following directions Kitt. 😉


        • Kitt Crescendo says:

          Eh, I’m not so inflexible that I’d take issue with a curve ball. 😉 Life’s full of them. Claire Forlani, huh? I could see that. She’s got a beautiful vulnerability that is attractive. Even with that underlying delicateness, there’s still a core of strength. (At least that’s how her appearance reads to me–and since today is pretty much all about the physical & superficial, I’m going with it.)


          • Professor Taboo says:

            Thank you kindly Kitt. I was going to suggest to delete my comments & Forlani praise if you chose to.

            Your perceptions have served you well — Claire is indeed all of that; which sometimes drives me insane if I watch her too much! LOL


          • Kitt Crescendo says:

            LOL! It probably wouldn’t surprise you that the women that get me thinking…hmmmm…are the uber strong badass types. Lucy Liu in Charlie’s Angels, Eliza Dushku in just about any role she’s played, Jessica Alba in Dark Angel, Ashley Scott in Birds of Prey & Dina Meyer in Starship Troopers to name a few. 😉


          • Professor Taboo says:

            Wouldn’t argue any of those. I shouldn’t publicly admit this but I am a huge sucker (and lush?) for bedroom-eyes, e.g. Claire Forlani. As is kryptonite for Superman, bedroom-eyes are for me. Please don’t repeat this! 😉


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      My usual rule of thumb? Minimum of 5-6 years older…and the guy has to be legal. LOLOLOL! Once had a guy give me a hug and tell me “You know, it’s only illegal if I tell.” He was 17. I was 30. My response? “Sweetie, it’s illegal if I know.” Strangely enough, a few months later he gave me another hug and said, “You know I’m legal now…” I laughed. We’re good friends, but I chose never to go there with him.


  2. Charron's Chatter says:

    Kitt–you led with my absolute favorite boy toy! I love Zac! I even rented that movie Charlie McCloud…and adored him in that 17 Again movie. Oh yummo. What that boy/manchild makes me think!!! Rahr!!


  3. Ginger Calem says:

    You have some good choices there! My crit partners and I were discussing this very topic recently and now for the life of me I can’t recall who we were swooning over and we were hoping it wasn’t too creepy since we are all, well, older than said man. 😉 I’ll have to ask them.

    I’ll take Depp. He’s not younger than I am, but I’m calling dibs just on principle. He makes me turn into a puddle.


  4. Emma says:

    Zac Efron is so lovely in The Lucky One, and he made me laugh in 17 Again. Taylor Lautner never did anything for me. Alex P?? can’t spell his name is only 23? What? Man, I feel old.


  5. L.j. Kentowski says:

    Zac Efron is a must if I’m being cougar-like 😉 And this one should not surprise you… Ian Hemsworth. Yep, I’m all about the family 🙂 He’s 23, and I wouldn’t mind any of that!


  6. filbio says:

    Looks like a list for the Cougar – Elite here from Kitt!

    Boy, it would be a dangerous thing if you suddenly beacme a single woman!


  7. Tammy Bleck says:

    Awesome fun! I dated a wonderful man for almost 2 years who was 15 years my junior. So sweet, loving and knowing. I knew it wouldn’t last, if for no other reason than the fact that I couldn’t imagine growing old with someone so much younger. Truthfully, aside from that fluke, I am a girl who appreciates a finely aged man of distinction. Someone who knows how to live life slowly and out loud. So, I defer to all the ladies above for their selections. I’ll happily stick with the geriatric crowd. More for you!!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      My appreciation spans many generations, including the older set. 😉 Truthfully, my three biggest celebrity crushes in life have been Cary Grant, Robert Redford (especially after seeing him in Great Gatsby) and young Elvis…


  8. Gloria Richard Author says:

    Oooh, Kitt! What a treat when I’m sitting in a hotel in Birmingham waiting for my car to be fixed. I have Lucky One on my Must Watch list now. Big Time.

    I don’t look at men’s ages. I look at how they make me feel. If nerve endings go incandescent with a look from their eyes? Gaaah!

    Picture this. Romance Writers of America, Nationals, Atlanta. This conference is so testosterone deprived, it’s palpable. No wonder all of us were picking up the *steamy* writer’s books, right?

    So! I was on an elevator, standing relatively close to the doors when they opened and a less-than-thirty-I’m-sure guy stepped into the elevator. He had pecs and a six pack. We all knew this because he wore no shirt, and his blue jeans hung at his hip bones.

    He did not turn around. I’m making senseless chatter, asking him if he’s a model for the hot and steamy romance novels we write. [I warned you it was senseless chatter]

    I looked up when I said that, kind of laughing. He had dark, smoky eyes and was giving me the bedroom-look once-over. Holy crap!

    Sherry Isaac said I was close enough to him, I should have stuck my tongue out and licked his chest.

    Hand me a fan. I think I’m getting the vapors.


      • Gloria Richard Author says:

        That hot bedroom-eye-look is all he had to say, Kitt. And, do not even pretend you don’t KWIM. 😉

        After I wrote this comment, I thought I should have taken a picture of the close-up view, then asked him to back up one step-at-a-time for the big reveal.

        I suspect he would have complied.

        I am certain the testosterone deprived writers sharing that elevator would have enjoyed the show. Doesn’t matter. It was my show to choreograph.

        I am now way past fans and vapors.


  9. Dish With Clarissa says:

    I don’t watch much TV or keep up with celebs, nor am I attracted to younger guys.. Though I am an MMA junkie and there is something about two half naked men, locked in an octagon….i’ll just stop there…lol… There are some really hot eye candy. Now there is one man who is about 7 years younger that i’ve met and have been madly in love with. He does movies now, was a wrestler and on my personal facebook he is affectionately known as my husband. DJ


  10. Laura Beth says:

    Rats nests! I missed John Patrick Amedori by one year!! I’m struggling to supply one from today’s pickings. But if I could have an under 25 actor, who is no longer with us, I’d be the first to pick River Phoenix. He always looked like he was up to no good, and that is beyond sexy still.


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