It’s My Party (and I kind of missed it!)

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary for starting this blog. Normally I would’ve been on here getting rowdy and celebrating…you know, like I usually do….except that by the time we hit home from our trip to Savannah I was ready to land face first in my bed.

Showing off our brand new lace up corsets for the Vampire Ball

Showing off our brand new lace up corsets for the Vampire Ball

Yes, that’s my sister, me and one of my besties. While in Savannah we met some of my favorite authors, ate great food, made new friends and attended two balls. One of us even had a ghostly experience. Unfortunately it wasn’t me. 😦

Thomas Owen House

Thomas Owen House

This is the Thomas Owen house….it was on this general property that my gal pal had an “unexplained” incident that left her with the heebie jeebies.

Yellow Fever's impact on Savannah

Yellow Fever’s impact on Savannah

The history buff in me was fascinated by the info in the only in tact cemetery in the heart of Savannah…. Yellow fever actually took out 10% of the population in the city. Also found, which fed the tragic side of romance in me…

Duelist's Grave

Duelist’s Grave

Yes, there were duelists graves! You can imagine how my imagination wandered…creating images in my mind about how these folks died. We got a chance to tour around the historic district by carriage ride…

Our Beautiful Transport

Our Beautiful Transport

I had plenty of spanking good fun…. In fact, I brought home Swag to share…so be on the look out on how to win some of the fun stuff I brought back with me…. Literally a box full just for you guys!

Me, at the Elemental Masquerade Ball

Me, at the Elemental Masquerade Ball

Hope you guys had a great weekend! So tell me… Have you ever had a ghostly experience? Ever been to Savannah? Ever been to a readers conference? Tell me about it! Ya’ll know how much I enjoy hearing from you. Have you ever missed your own anniversary because you got caught up doing something else? Let me know I’m not alone.

39 thoughts on “It’s My Party (and I kind of missed it!)

  1. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I just wrote a post the other day on cemeteries – love them. Sadly no ghostly experiences as in seeing them, but I have had visions in the Medium class I attend. A lady in the group her sister came through to me and out of all the things I saw – there was one thing wrong. Glad you had a fantastic time, wolf whistles at the outfits 😉 xx Oh and nope never missed out..not that I remember 😉


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I’ll have to check out your cemetery post, Jen! How very interesting that you’ve had visions….I may have to pick your brain one day so I can use you as a research resource! 🙂 Thanks for the compliments re: my outfits!


  2. Jessi Gage says:

    Ooh, ghosts! I love reading about them. Have maybe glimpsed one before and am happy to never do that again. Love writing about them!

    It looks like you had SO much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Looking forward to that SWAG!


      • Jessi Gage says:

        I was a teenager at home in my parents’ house. I saw someone walk by the door to the room I was in. The person was wearing a blue shirt and headed from the living room back to the bedrooms of the trailer. There were no footsteps. I didn’t see the head/face. Just the blue shirt and the idea that it was a person.

        I thought it might have been my mom, but I poked my head out of the room and saw her sitting at the kitchen table doing bills. I asked, “Did you just walk by?” She was like, “Huh? No. I’ve been here paying bills.” She wasn’t wearing a blue shirt, either.

        It was strange, I felt no malice or uneasiness. I just kind of shrugged and went back to playing video games or watching TV (I forget what I was doing at the time). But it made me nervous when it was time to go to bed that night…and several others!

        My dad used to tease me and tell me our house was near an Indian burial ground. I think half the parents in New England told their kids that to get them not to wander in the woods, LOL! It definitely made me skittish. To this day, I question what I saw and wonder if my brain didn’t just play a little trick on me.


  3. Mae Clair says:

    Love the pics, Kitt! It looks like you had a blast. I am so jealous….a masquerade ball, a carriage ride, and an old cemetery. I’ve never been to Savannah, but you have me wanting to go. I’d love to visit the Thomas Owen house — minus the ghosts (although I love reading about that stuff). Thanks for sharing with us and happy blog anniversary!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Technically there was no mention of ghosts with the Thomas Owen house, though ghost stories run rampant in Savannah. As we were galavanting around the city, I thought of you and how much you’d enjoy it…especially since it’s on the water. Lots of fodder there for mythical Monday. 🙂


  4. filbio says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time! Savannah is a place I want to check out one day. Minus the ghosts!

    Congrats on your one year blogiversary! Glad I found your blog!


  5. mariner2mother says:

    Popped over from Susie’s party. I love your outfit! Happy anniversary. To answer your question, I’ve never seen a ghost, but I’ve taken classes that have taught me how to contact spirit and open up to my intuition. It’s a gas! The awesome thing is when my Dad died last year, I gave it a try and got the message from him, “Woo Hoo! I’m free!!” He was so light and so ecstatic. His last few years were spent in a lot of physical pain. Anyway, my son is quite sensitive and can see spirit and feel energy and a lot of other things. He’s amazing! Looking forward to reading more of your site.


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