Friends and Fitness

There’s something truly awesome about having a best friend who’s known you most of your life. Most rewarding? Those unique conversations that don’t require the niceties, the intros…but just get to the heart of the matter. After a talk with another close friend today, an old conversation with my best friend rose to the surface of my memory banks….surprisingly enough, it wasn’t the cabbage diet story….or how her husband proposed, but it still ranks right up there on the hilarious meter.

Her: Thank GOD I didn’t buy that stripper pole….
Me: Oh, good lord. Do I even want to know?
Her: Probably not, but that’s not going to save you.
Me: So what’s this stripper pole all about? Trying something new and kinky with the hubs?
Her: Ha! No. Actually, remember when I told you that I bought a new workout to help me get in shape for your wedding?
Me: Oh, God. Why am I suddenly afraid….
Her: Because you’re a smart woman.
Me: So….
Her: The new workout dvds I bought were stripper work outs. Pole optional.
::Snorts a small laugh::
Her: Go ahead. Laugh away. It was a good workout!
Me: So what happened?
Her: So there I was in the living room doing my workout when I looked over my shoulder and found my 2 year old daughter doing the bootie bounce right beside me.
Me: Oh my….(the laughter is now pretty hysterical)
Her: Never mind that her form was better than mine. She turned and asked me if she was doing it right. My daughter is not going to grow up to be a stripper!!! (Mild hysteria set in)
Me: (Choking back the laughter–or trying to) And you almost bought the pole? How’s daddy taking all of this?
Her: Oh, thank goodness the hubby was in another room and didn’t see. You know how protective he is. My problem is that I was planning on bringing her to church this weekend. Can you imagine? Her teacher asks her what she did this week and she’ll say she exercised and then decides to demonstrate? They’re going to kick us out!!!!


Yeah. Fitness can be quite comical. There are all sorts of videos out there that claim to aid in “fitness”. Some of them even follow through on their promises.

I still remember as children, my mom had us acclimated to getting up and working out. Sometimes it was with 20 Minute Workout on tv, other times it was one of Jane Fonda’s videos. So when we went to visit my dad, my sister thought nothing of asking him if he had any exercise videos so she could get her exercise in. For a 10 year old she was pretty dedicated to fitness. It wasn’t until later that we understood the look of horror on my dad’s face. Apparently, the only “work out” tape he had was something called “Eroticise“. I’m pretty sure it was just nekkid exercise.

Today, while having lunch with a friend, a commercial for Shaun T’s Insanity workout came on. I laughed and mentioned that hubby had that particular set of workouts, but I’d never tried it. And then this happened…

Friend: I’ve tried that workout. It’s good, but hard.
Me: Yeah. Not me….although I have done my own Shaun T workout. He’s pretty good.
Friend: Which one?
Me: Hip Hop Abs. It was actually a lot of fun! Shaun T’s kinda hot & the music’s okay.
Friend: Dance ones can be fun…
Me: Can you picture doing those moves on a real dance floor, though?
Friend: Ha. Not even.
Me: There sure are some strange things that people turn into workouts.
Friend: Yeah, I know. The boyfriend has a Brazilian Butt Lift workout at home.
Me: Ha! Why do I suddenly have an image of some Brazilian dude cupping your boyfriend’s ass and “raising the roof”?
Friend: I’m so telling him you said that!

But seriously…. Think of all the different types of fitness videos that have come out over the years…from Jane Fonda to Richard Simmons and forward… There HAVE been some pretty strange ones.

I mean, I love Shaun T, but can you picture going to a club and using these moves? Gotta love Ellen…she makes it okay to laugh at yourself….

And actually, when I looked up the Brazilian Butt lift…I could see the appeal…

Hey…fitness is important, so you might as well have fun while you’re doing it. Which crazy workout videos have you bought? Or maybe you just “had a friend” who bought one? Which workouts do you love? Which ones made you laugh more than exercise? No sense in taking the fitness crazes so seriously that you can’t laugh a little… Or share some good ones with awesome online friends….;-)

47 thoughts on “Friends and Fitness

  1. L.J. Kentowski says:

    Lol!!! I have a couple friends that do Insanity and swear by it, but I’ve never tried it. I’m more of a Yoga kind of girl. I did do Tae Bo for years and looked pretty hilarious doing it when I first started out. Awesome post. Had a great laugh 🙂


  2. ksbeth says:

    so funny, and i’ve done my share of fonda, and the brazilian workout had my daughters rolling on the floor in laughter. i consider that a good review of my unique workout style )


  3. ramblingsfromamum says:

    ok so here’s the thing. I got my butt off the chair and did the Shaun T moves…yes there I was listening to the music and pulling that butt in and knee lifts. What did I say “Dance like no one’s watching’? Thank god no one was 🙂 I did gym work outs for 3 years then stopped. I did a Zumba class once and was thoroughly exhausted! Now I walk every day..that’s it NOT doing any more ..oh and the thigh machine you have posted, ours was thankfully turned away from the crowds. 😉 xx


  4. Jennifer says:

    LOLOL great post! I was doing that machine today (it is called hip abduction) and yeah, keep your eyes on the floor.

    I know lots of peeps love Zumba, but I thought it was pretty silly. Pilates are also sort of ridiculous. The only one that really looks cool is yoga.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Never seen Pilates. As for Zumba, it’s supposed to be like Latin dance, or so I’ve been told. My sister said they need to be lighter on their feet if that’s the goal. No stomping. 😉 Yoga looks like something that might tie me up in knots….but cool.


  5. Katie says:

    I’m into more of the traditional means of cardio… Treadmill, elliptical, Stairmaster. I do however own a Pilates DVD that gave me sore muscles for a month several years ago.


  6. Susan Davis says:

    I exercise pretty regularly, but remember fondly, in a sort of ‘softly aggressive’ sort of way, a tai bo tape I was fond of. It was like kick boxing with a crazy intense guy named Billie running the class. Got my frustrations out and was completely exhausted and happy at the end. Weird I know, but if you’re an exercise nut, you get what I mean.


  7. adrianakraft says:

    Great post! I’ve used the Shaun T hip hop abs, great for the ab work – and lots of exercise spas use pole dancing, another great workout (that I have yet to try, but it’s on my list). Here’s to having fun while keeping fit!


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      Heck, my sister had a friend who had a pole dance teacher come give lessons for her bachelorette party! Personally, I might have gone for lap dance classes for such an event, but still… How cool that you can do it in the privacy of your own home if you’re too shy to do it in public?

      As for Shaun T… He’s just fun.


  8. Jenny Hansen says:

    I’ve totally done Shaun T’s hip hop workouts before. My gal-pal Clair and I hit them up in her living room where there was no one to watch us. I’ve gotta get going with that one again. I love me some Shaun T! His abs are edible. 🙂


  9. amadiex says:

    Hey the stripper workout is still one of my favs! I am just careful not to pull the bootie bounce out in front of the girls, but now that I have seen the new twerking….I think the bootie bounce is a safe bet, but still I would like the stripper pole at some time and a lot of mats….you know me, not the most graceful! (and not to mention I will not be the mom with a stripper pole in her home with two young girls!)


  10. filbio says:

    I actually have friends doing Insanity, P90X, and the Stripper Pole workout. To each their own.

    You just know Miley Cyrus will come out with a “Twerking to Fitness” DVD soon!

    As for me, it’s just hardcore training in the gym with an ipod!


  11. Professor Taboo says:

    I am a huge proponent of cardio first, muscle-sculpting secondary, especially for men. Having been an all-american collegiate soccer player, semi-pro, then pro as well, I’ve witnessed for several decades how much MORE cardio benefits a man versus muscle-mass or that Mr. America (steroid?) Schwarzenegger body; moving that much blood and fiber AWAY from the crotch only leads to several other major problems! 😉

    I’ve had the original Tony Horton Power 90 Workout for about 10-years, and it is by far the best non-gym workout out there! Everyone I know that tries or has the P90X (follow-up version) gives up on it because it’s way too extreme; not for the busy working novice. And the rubber sculpting bands (various strengths) offer negative AND positive resistance, further customizing your workout.

    And now for a break from our sponsors… 😉


      • Professor Taboo says:

        Exactly. Beachbody, LLC has done some great ‘marketing’ for Tony Horton’s multiple workouts, pushing P90X for everyone when it really is much more suited for the OCD aspiring pro athletes.

        Anywhoo, for those who simply want to look in-shape but not like a competing Mr./Ms. Olympia, P90 is perfect. If that one is too much, he also has an easier version below P90 as well.


  12. Kourtney Heintz says:

    The mom and daughter one is hysterical! Thank goodness she didn’t buy the stripper pole. Zumba always amazed me. So many ways to injure oneself. 🙂


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