Randomness and the Soapbox I Never Thought I’d Stand On

There have been some pretty interesting things that have truly entertained me lately, and I thought I’d share….

Some tickled my Funnybone…..

Saw this one on Twitter:

I’m pretty sure you can guess where my brain went. Could. Not. Help. It. Self control in the face of innuendo and naughty thoughts is just asking too much of me.

Then there’s this one…

As many of you know, I’m a die hard Cowboy fan, so the irony that an Eagles fan in a commercial cracks me up is not lost on me… Maybe it’s the fact that my step-dad is a celiac and this is pretty much a staple and he badly mispronounces it… Or maybe it’s the fact that some equally ignorant eagle fan thinks it might be a loofah, but regardless…I giggle every time.

Then there’s the SEXY/FUNNY combo….

This one is a bit older for me, but I loved how these military men who were stationed in Afghanistan decided to show their appreciation to the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders for their Call Me Maybe video. The guys look like they’re having fun…and some of them are not only hot, they know how to shake it! Why don’t you be the judge? Do you have a favorite?

If you haven’t liked Bring Back Desire on facebook yet, why not? I figured since it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month it was the perfect time to share this message. Check out this breast screening reminder that was posted on her page! Watch till the end or you’ll miss when the real fun begins.

For Empowerment and Natural Beauty….

I found this particular post on Where’s My Sammich to be totally fantastic… How to draw b00bies. I spotted my set right away. 😉

My blogger buddy Laura Hilger did on vulnerability and change post that included a video by Brene Brown that…if you have 20 minutes…will blow you away.

Marcia Richards wrote a post about Mothers and Daughters that had one of the best analogies I’ve ever seen…and some awesome life lessons she hopes she instilled in her daughter. I have a funny feeling she succeeded. 🙂

The song stuck in my head….

Just a warning…this song is stuck in both me and hubby’s heads…and it’s the unrated version, so it’s got some lady parts showing. I don’t care what people say… Robin Thicke may be a bit of a dirty boy…and on the naughty side, but there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s probably fun to hang out with. He looks so much like his dad, Alan Thicke, doesn’t he? (maybe a smidge hotter, but definitely…great genes)

My Soapbox Moment…

Okay. I can’t even believe I’m going to there, but I’m going to weigh in on the whole Miley Cyrus drama. Yeah, yeah…I’m not a huge fan of her twerking. I wasn’t a huge fan of “Who Let The Dogs Out”, either, but no one said anything about hacks guys who became famous for barking. In fact, everyone went around barking.

Of course they were one hit wonders, so maybe Akon is a better example. After the minor and initial uproar about Akon making the unwise choice to dry hump a minor onstage at one of his concerts, all was forgiven and not much more was said. I won’t even get into all the things R Kelly has done and how although people gossip and titter behind their hands, no one is calling him talentless or a hack. These instances seem to be treated with a dismissive shrug and a “boys will be boys” mentality.

Miley dances provocatively and everyone is in an uproar because she used to be a Disney kid. She wasn’t doing much more than what either of the two above guys did. She was dancing some lame dance that the kids today are acting like they invented (when really, it’s been around forever, just never named…that I know of). So because of that she’s got mental issues? She’s vilified? She’s on the edge? On drugs?

A commentator on one of the college football pregame shows a couple weeks ago asserted that she was basically a talentless hack… My bet is his only exposure to her or her music was with the recent music award debacle and what he’s heard through the scandal rags. I saw another article where she expressed her admiration for her godmother, Dolly Parton. In the comments, folks said things about her not even being fit to say Dolly’s name. Really?

Personally, I’m starting to feel sorry for this kid. Growing up in the spotlight is not easy.  I’m not going to judge. She hasn’t done anything many people her age do, spotlight or not! How many young people do you know that danced provocatively? I WAS one of those kids. How many young people cut their hair into wild styles and color it? I knew folks that colored their hair purple, blue and green!

In fact, I’ll hope this is a phase she’s going through…much like many child stars. Heck, Alyssa Milano & Tiffany posed for Playboy. Elizabeth Berkeley did Showgirls. Hillary Duff kissed a girl on Gossip Girl. The list could go on and on…. Personally, I don’t think any of us should be casting any stones. Very few of us haven’t done anything in our youth that we look back on with regret….and regardless of how you may feel about her personally, there’s no question that she’s chock full of talent. She even comes by it honestly. She inherited it!

Check this song out and then try to tell me this girl has no talent… By the way, this is both acoustic and outdoors…

So what about you guys? Any soap boxes you want to step on? Any songs stuck in your head? Anything that’s gotten you hot under the collar or empowered you? Maybe there’s something that made you laugh this week…. Tell me all about it!

39 thoughts on “Randomness and the Soapbox I Never Thought I’d Stand On

  1. Laura Hilger says:

    Kitt, I loved how you shared posts you’ve liked lately in a post-nice idea. I just have them on my home page, and sometimes I reblog, but this is a great way to share with others while also including your thoughts on them. I might still this approach one day!


  2. Charron's Chatter says:

    I’m just halfway through, but OMG!! that TLC!! and how true it all was…what was it about again? Love the veggie dogma, and the call me maybe i caught also…great post so far!!

    crap! and the “quee-no” die hard fan. I only recently learned its pronounciation is axctually keenwha–so especially funny..heheh…lol’ing…


  3. Charron's Chatter says:

    Ahh. Finally. Defense of da Miley. Not only do I have her jam: Wrecking Ball on my iPod–but she does a fine rendition of this song I also have–covered by Jeff Buckley. Lots of enjoyment had here, Kitt!



    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I think that’s awesome! She’s so talented, vocally speaking…and the way people have been reacting? A bit over the top. It’s irritating. This is the same girl who sang the universally loved and inspiring song “The Climb”. It reminds me of how Pink used to be treated…and like she said back then…”It’s not like I’ve ever even been arrested.”


  4. filbio says:

    The veggie tweet had me rolling. Oh, the dirty thoughts!

    I’m not into Miley’s music style as I can’t stand today’s pop music, but will admit the gal can sing and has talent. Hey, even Elvis was accused of being a hack, filthy, and a detriment to America’s youth back in his youth. Go figure.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I have great love for young Elvis Aaron Presley. You make a great point. As for Miley…I’m not big on a lot of the songs she does, but when she picks the powerful songs, she’s fully capable of blowing your mind. The song I posted here was her rendition of a Jeff Buckley song. The Climb…the lyrics and her voice combined was awesome. Her entire “Back Yard Sessions” recordings…not at all the typical pop crap, but totally worth listening to. She did a fabulous job doing Dolly’s Jolene during those sessions. 🙂


  5. brickhousechick says:

    I love the Blurred Lines song but after analyzing it, and having a 17 year old daughter who pointed out the horrible message, it’s hard for me to listen to it now. Good defense of Myley, Kitt. 🙂


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      I completely understand where you’re coming from with Blurred Lines, Maria. As a girl who was once painted with the “good girl” blush, I’ll say that the only place my lines used to blur at was with guys…and never to the extent of drugs and alcohol… More foreplay & mutual seductions. 😉


  6. Marcia says:

    Love the videos, Kitt. They started my day off with a smile. Thanks for mentioning my post. I’ll bet you were a challenge as a teen, like my daughter was. But that means you were asserting your independence…and that’s a good thing. It made you the awesome woman you are today!


  7. Professor Taboo says:

    Robin Thicke was in that music video!? Were there guys in that video? 😉

    My music video contribution? It’s not musical but I think funny as hell! Thought about contributing Lady Gaga ’cause I had NEVER heard about her until I got wind of all the “radical” outfits and innuendos in some of her songs. Decided to watch a couple of in-depth interviews (i.e. longer than 3-5 mins) and found that she is an incredibly intelligent, artistic, independent, self-actualized super human being! Then I listened/watched several of her music videos and became a fan. I LOVE those types of personalities and successes!

    Without further adieu, here is my video contribution that makes me laugh every time:


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