Loving and the Holidays

There’s something pretty amazing to me about a capella. To be able to blend voices well, to make voices sound like instruments while maintaining the purity of clean, pared down lyrics always blows my mind. It takes amazing control, great listening skills and a lot of teamwork. No enhancements. Just voices. Wow.

Straight, No Chaser is probably one of the best in this genre. I absolutely love their arrangement of this Colbie Caillat holiday song.

Nothing like celebrating love and romance during the holidays and every day. Have you told the folks you love them today? Why not take them by surprise… Walk up to your lover with no warning and plant a hot, wet kiss on their lips for no other reason than they add joy to your life. See where it leads… Hopefully to shared body heat. 😉

23 thoughts on “Loving and the Holidays

  1. ramblingsfromamum says:

    Pleased to say I have told those I love that I love them today and I also planted a kiss on Mr. S who is watching the cricket – no body heat…(but that was last night….) and I do it all the time…just because we should… lifes too short. Christmas brings many emotions..of love for one another, of what we should be doing every day throughout the year..yes every day should be Christmas – loved the song 🙂 x


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