No Greater Gift Is There Than Love

All the fun holiday music is making me nostalgic for my youth. One of my favorite Christmas albums growing up was the Jackson 5 Christmas. There was such a youthful joy and exuberance in how Michael and his brothers sang back then.

It only seemed right that I include them in my daily holiday celebration music with this all time favorite…

The message is perfect for this time of year…a reminder that the holiday is not about commercialism, but the people. Did you have a favorite album as a child?

And while you’re at it…if you’re looking for some loving (and sexy) stocking stuffer ideas for your beloved…check out some of the Girl Boner solutions on August McLaughlin’s blog!

11 thoughts on “No Greater Gift Is There Than Love

  1. Emma says:

    I had a double tape filled with Christmas songs I threw on every year as a kid, and my dad would play it when driving my sisters and I to school. Would love to know where it disappeared to.


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