Home for the Holidays

The holidays can be lonely, particularly when you’re far away from the people you love. Over the years I’ve learned that family can be created in the friendships you build along the way. As difficult as it’s sometimes been to be away from my immediate family at Christmas, I’ve never been lacking in loved ones to celebrate the holiday with… And those who were far away? Well I’ve always been with them in thoughts and spirit.

As a gal who adores Elvis, I figured it was time to use one of his songs to speak the words of my heart.

What have you done when you’ve been unable to be with the people you loved to celebrate the holidays? Any tips to make them feel closer despite the miles?

13 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. Fearless Leader says:

    In the “Old Days” when you were far away from loved ones at Christmas, the telephone was The Deal. Today it’s much “cooler” with Skype and stuff like that.

    BTW…Elvis was The Coolest of the Cool.


    • Kitt Crescendo says:

      The holidays are definitely not easy for everyone. It’s one of the reasons I try to be extra conscious of those around me and to do as many small kindnesses as I can. Hopefully to make the holidays just a little bit easier for those struggling.


  2. ramblingsfromamum says:

    This is such a beautiful song and one that soldiers would want to sing. Thankfully I haven’t had anyone across the shores that I haven’t been able to see. We are a small family. My penguins and my brother and his wife and family. It would be very tough to not have those you love around you – thankfully technology bridges the gap. x


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