Christmas: Dreams and Destiny

What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you remember your dreams? Your hopes?

Parents, when you held your precious little ones, did you ever wonder who and what they’d be when they grew up?

This Whitney Houston song from The Preacher’s Wife really spoke to me because it made me think about big dreams. Somehow, even knowing what they did about who Jesus would grow up to become, I wonder if Mary and Joseph were really able to wrap their minds around what that would mean.

9 thoughts on “Christmas: Dreams and Destiny

  1. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I can’t remember – an air-hostess I think or a hairdresser. Then I ended up doing office work all my life now a Humanist… sometimes the best laid plans… then again this is where I am most happy and comfortable. As for my girls – I don’t think I had personal dreams for them, other than to be happy… 🙂 x


  2. Tammy Bleck says:

    I change my mind about every 10 years or so. At first I thought it was a bit flaky. These days I consider it a brilliant move. I’ve had 5 wonderful careers, and with any luck, I’m not done yet. As far a growing up … I’m still working on it. Every. Single. Day.


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