Christmas Shopping and Gifts

Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? This year I’m getting creative in my gift giving.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rushing around and buying things…even easier to forget that some of the most precious gifts are intangible. Maybe that’s why I love this Jim Brickman song sung by Susan Ashton and Collin Raye.

Do you have any gifts you’re especially excited to be giving a loved one this year? What’s the coolest, most personal gift you’ve ever received?

16 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping and Gifts

  1. ramblingsfromamum says:

    I agree with Austin – not being very financial this Christmas…
    Mr. S has bought a DVD set for himself from me… now that’s love
    My favourite gift – I wish I could remember – I’ll just say ‘seriously’ having my family still with me. Gorgeous song xx


  2. Kourtney Heintz says:

    Financially, it’s been a very tight year for me (invested most of my money into the book) so my parents and I are opting out of the gift giving. I’m a big fan of celebrating birthdays–each person’s special day. So this holiday we’ll do the family dinner and enjoy the xmas lights. 🙂


  3. Cowboys and Crossbones says:

    I once got a bottle of Captain Morgan (my fave liquor) that a friend had bedazzled in pink glitter and rhinestones. It’s seriously one of my favorite possessions to this day, simply due to the thought – that at the pink glitter, of course!


  4. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches. says:

    Kitt – You are definitely my go-to-blog when it comes to beautiful music and relaxing. Before I forget, I’m sending you an e-mail, hoping you might teach this ole horse a trick or two.
    Once I figure out where my ‘save draft’ button went on my blog post I’m about ready to post ‘Christmas Memories’ and a bit of what I’ve cooked up for new memories for Tom and I this holiday season. Of course it will include music, a picnic basket and a king size bed – and before your mind runs away with you – remember he’s still ill. I’m feeling so blessed to have Tom home for Christmas. He’s been in the hospital for 17 of the Christmases we’ve been married. Again – this is a beautiful blog.
    Oh – the best holiday gift I’ve received – after Tom’s memory of 55 years was erased by a medical procedure – it was about 10 years down the road – and in a card one Christmas – he wrote – ‘I know I fell in love with you at first site . . . because I do the same thing each and every day.’ Merry Christmas, Kitt.


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