My Sappy Sentimental Side this Season

I admit it. I’m a total sap around the holidays. Remember those Folgers commercials where the son who lived far away would show up on Christmas morning and wake the family up to his surprise by brewing coffee? Yeah. I cried. How could I not? He made coffee!!! And he showed up for the best surprise to his family ever.

So maybe it’s the sap in me, or maybe it’s the storyline, but The Carpenters song Merry Christmas, Darling hits my softy button. First, it was my mom’s favorite Christmas song while I was growing up. Second, Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice and died way too soon. Even the most beautiful person can battle with self image issues. Karen Carpenter, with her beauty, talent, fame and money still struggled, and she’s not alone.

One of the bravest, most wonderful friends I’ve come to know on here has her own very inspirational story of recovery and self acceptance. If you’ve never been to August’s page I encourage you to stop by. Between her candid discussions of her battle with anorexia and her Girl Boner posts, she’s someone I’ve become honored to be friends with.

Anyway, in honor of all the lovers and all the folks who may be struggling…here’s a beautiful song from a beautiful lady.

13 thoughts on “My Sappy Sentimental Side this Season

  1. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    It is a pity she died so young. Even when they tried ot help her it was to no avail. Such a voice. You really are a sap for the holidays. 🙂


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